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May 21, 2009

Defibrillator Capacitor Can Crusher

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Bob Davis has cranked up the power on his can crusher. By adding a defibrillator capacitor his Can Crusher is now supercharged! He has also provided the schematic of the design on his site.

"I purchased a defibrillator capacitor on EBay and have upgraded the old 2.4 KV can crusher to a 5 KV can crusher. I added a voltage doubler on the output of the Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT) to get almost 5 KV. The defibrillator capacitor is rated at 30 uF at about 5 or 6 KV."


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14 Responses to “Defibrillator Capacitor Can Crusher”

  1. vic Says:

    “Oh no, another failed attempt .. Let’s empty another beer can and try again!” 😀

  2. Rob Says:

    Is it powered by than 9v battery, or is that just for the voltage meter?

  3. John R Says:

    9v is probably for the panel meter + backlight.

    I like how he sticks his fingers in it before anything else to check component temps/connections or whatever when it doesn’t work.

  4. Nice nice Says:

    Whats the purpose of the piece of glass attached to a string? Does it prevent flash over?

  5. John R Says:

    Its just separating spring loaded contacts – a mechanical switch. I assume it is tricky to source a switch or relay that can operate reliably at several KV. With this kind of a switch you can easily pull it apart and clean the contacts/replace them when they weld shut etc.

  6. mikheil Says:

    were can i gat those high voltage capacitors i do not mean to buy theme, i mean in what devices are using theme so i can find theme for free

  7. Alexander125 Says:

    they’re used in defibrilators.
    idk if you can buy one of the shelf but,, I gotta get me one of those”

  8. Alexander125 Says:

    I like that huge charging resistor.100W or so i believe

  9. Nice nice Says:

    Got it ! Thanks John….

  10. Bob Davis Says:

    The 9 volt battery powers the panel meter only.

    After I turned off the camera I checked it with a cheap voltmeter and the meter blew up!

    The plastic piece is seperating the switch contacts.

    The big resistor is from charging electrolytic capacitors, it does not need to be so big.

  11. Bo Estavan Enripues Says:

    hey i really want to make one and i have the capacitor and the microwave oven transformer but im not sure how to hook them up? Any Advice?

  12. Bo Estavan Enripues Says:

    OH what’s between the transformer and the capacitor?

  13. Bob Davis Says:

    The transformer goes through a diode and a 1000 ohm resistor to the capacitor.

  14. 5K Volt Can Crusher with a 100uF Capacitor - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] of 50 volts. That is a far cry from the 5000 volt rating that the one in this power supply! We have featured a bunch of Bob’s can crushers here in the past but I think that this is the biggest and baddest one so […]

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