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May 20, 2009

Automated House Climate Control – Whole Home Information Awareness

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As homes get bigger it’s harder to balance the heating system. You can close and open vents all you want but all it takes is a few closed doors to throw off the entire system. Jason Clark from Cyborgworkshop has overcome this issue by designing an Arduino controller that monitors sensors in all areas of his house. Servo motors then control dampers which put air where it’s needed. Have a look at the build log of the Whole Home Information Awareness project for some climate control inspiration.

"At a high level, temperature and humidity sensors in each room of the house instruct a micro controller to open and close the vents in a specific way to balance out every room in the house. The end goal is that no room will be more then 1.5 degrees and 5% relative humidity different from any other room. No more hot guest bed room and cold living room. To safely pull this off I’ll need temperature and humidity sensors in the return vents of each room, servo motors connected to the main damper controls for each vent, an air flow and pressure sensor in the HVAC main line to keep the motor from getting burned out, an Arduino to gather all of that sensor data together and a Linux box to process the data, control the sensors and create graphs of what’s going on."