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May 15, 2009

Fireball V90 CNC Router Motor Driver Controller Build

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In the past post about the Fireball V90 CNC Router the assembly of the actual router was shown. This time you will see how to make the motor controller to drive the CNC machine. There are many options to choose from. I decided to purchase the motors and control electronics from Probotix since they know what goes best with the Fireball V90. The build details below describe the first of two build phases. All that has been done so far is enough to operate the machine.

I used an old computer case for the driver controller, this gave me tons of room to add additional components in the future and also saved me a few bucks in the process. I also purchased additional components which will be added to the controller in the future. These future enhancements will include adding a supply current meter, volt meter, limit switches, a remote e-stop, temperature sensors and a remote control device. There are also lots of additions that are being developed for the system, these are being made by Probotix as well as system users. A good example of a user contribution are these products that Mike Phillips from MCPi have put together.

Keep your eyes open for some cool projects that this CNC machine is sure to have a part in soon!

Take the computer guts out of the case to be used. (page 2)
Wire up the motor cables. (page 3)
Install all of the electronics into the box. (page 4)


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