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May 7, 2009

MV CoilMaster Mark1 Coil Gun

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Daniel Eindhoven sent in his latest creation, this is one killer looking coil gun! The laser effects are fantastic. :) If you love coil guns make sure you have a look at our top 5 coil gun list.

"Fully semi-automatic, up to 14 shots.
Capable of delivering over 18J kinetic energy, and speeds up to 110km/h! (42 gram projectiles).
It’s a single stage gun, using a 8800uF(4×2200) capacitor bank with max 400v (704J).
Max shot efficiency is 2.8% but reaches almost 4% at lower voltages.

Charge time for 300v (12J kinetic energy 396J capacitor bank) is 8 seconds for the mains connection,
and when using the internal batteries about 90 seconds. It also has a Digital voltage display.

Coil overheat after 14 shots at 300v.
Total weight: 5 kilogram.
Total spend: ~~ 100 Euro
Construction time: ~~40 Hrs"

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136 Responses to “MV CoilMaster Mark1 Coil Gun”

  1. Alexander125 Says:

    what’s the bulb in front for?

  2. Daniel Says:

    The bulb is used as charging resistor for the capacitor bank when using the mains connection. the higher wattage, the faster it charges. the problem with charging resistors is that they will dissipate a lot of energy, at this way it is safely dissipated which means less heat inside the gun.
    maybe it’s not the best solution, but it was the easiest.

    the bulb at the picture is 150W

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  4. Trent Says:

    So is this the more enviromently friendly way of killing?

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  6. Alex Says:

    Say…can we see an instructables, or pherhaps a more detailed list of components? That would be awesome


  7. Patrick_Plan8 Says:

    is there video of this thing firing anywhere?

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  9. sango Says:

    i want to see a video of that thing in action?!

  10. Kevin Says:

    Video!! Video!!!

  11. prince Says:

    Daniel, can I get component list and instruction to build one. It will be awesome to build one.

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  13. Kennedy Says:

    Daniel should seriously consider sharing the full specs and plans — for a reasonable fee, if he prefers. At the very least, a video of the device actually functioning would be greatly appreciated.

    Force-wise, what would this be equivalent to?

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  15. Daniel Says:

    Stay tuned, ill have the video done in a few days.

  16. Scott Says:

    So 110Km/H sounds pretty fast but that really comes out to app. 96 feet per second – which is pretty low muzzle velocity — which means my boss would have no good excuse for me not to have one at work!

  17. James Says:

    As Scott pointed out, a muzzle velocity of 96feet/second is slow. Paintball guns can easily do 300feet/second. Of course, the payload in this case is likely much heavier than a paintball. Releasing plans for this project may help make it more efficient and thus more deadly. Yay!

  18. Daniel Says:

    I actually calculated that. the weight of an avg paintball is 3.2 grams, when you accelerate this to 300 fps it will hold about 12.8 Joule of kinetic energy (and absorb almost all by breaking on impact).

    now take 42 grams to 96 fps… over 18 Joule kinetic energy.

    so it goes not that fast, but imagine the bruise it’ll get ya:)

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  20. Maigo Says:

    18 joules isn’t much, handguns are around 500
    very cool though

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  23. Earl Says:

    The bulb on the front is like the duct tape mod for Doom. It was a mod that lets you keep the flashlight on and have your gun ready to fire at the same time. Stupid game wouldn’t normally allow it, maybe because there was no duct tape on mars, and the people who designed the guns in the future didn’t put light bulbs on them.

  24. A Says:

    Where’s the video? I’d love to see how this thing fires))

  25. Ethan Says:

    update when more information available please

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    MV CoilMaster Mark1 Coil Gun…

    Construye tu propio cañon Gauss por 100€ y además dale un look futurista. Este cañon Gauss es totalmente semiautomatico, es capaz de disparar su munición con una fuerza de 18J a una velocidad de 100Km/h. La guerra armamentista en las oficinas se …

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    Мегаэлектробластер MV CoilMaster Mark 1…

    :: MV CoilGun Mark 1 ::

    :: MV CoilGun (2) ::

    :: MV CoilGun (3) ::

    Фанат высоковольтного электричества Daniel Eindhoven собрал за 40 часов и 100 евро электромагнитную пушку с…

  37. name Says:

    Interesting! I came up with a similar solution when I built a quick and dirty power supply for some laser tubes out of a couple of junk microwaves. I stuck a 75W black light in as a resistor and it worked great. Could have given it a mad scientist look by using one of those old mono-filament music stand bulbs and a screen or filter of some sort to block the excess light, but it was only a temporary setup, after all.

  38. name Says:

    Is the barrel rifled?

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  41. Brian Says:

    Hah! First step in the evolution of the Phillips Squeeze Gun posited by Richard Morgan in “Altered Carbon.”

  42. dennis Says:

    looks like a “bolter” from the old “X-com: terror from the deep” game series if you ask me.

    Very cool thing.


  43. Chemist Says:

    Kind of cool, killer LOOKING, too bad it couldn’t kill a mouse. 110 km/h = 100 ft/s and even the most pathetic lever action bb guns shoot faster than 250 ft/s.


  44. Cool LED Coil Gun DIY Project | Walyou Says:

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  45. Daniel Says:

    well it does penetrate a can… i dont think that mouse will be happy when you hit it.

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  48. Bryce Says:

    lower muzzle velocity but a BB is certainly not 42g, so the projectile momentum is quite respectable.

  49. Alan Parekh Says:

    Video added. Thanks Daniel!

  50. sango Says:

    Nice Video. Looks like there is much more power behind it than a BB gun. Nice Project anyway.

  51. backSLIDER Says:

    Me and a buddy talked about making one in high school but even if had had the money I don’t think it would have happened. Well done.

    An idea: could you use the trigger to move the bolt forward and out from under the weight of the other bolts be for firing. Something like half the trigger pull being ratcheted and just to move to bolt forward?

  52. Daniel Says:

    well my measurements indicated that it doesn’t really make much difference when the clip is full or almost empty, so I think that ill just keep it this way:) also the bullets won’t fall out this way when pointing at the ground.

  53. Ullhass Says:

    Would indeed be interesting to see a multi-coil version of this.
    A question is if it not would be more “economical” energy wise to have a mechanical first step, as a hammer, to overcome the initial inertia and friction?
    Do you have had any problem with that the coil tries to decelerate the projectile after passing the coil?

  54. Daniel Says:

    yes i had that problem with higher capacity (more capacitors). our basic version had 18 of them and the projectile actually came out the same way it got in, and fast!

    i think it would be a little more economical if you would use a normal electromagnet actuator for the first punch. but then you need an optoelectric triggermechanism for the first stage. that would be to much trouble for a 1 stage gun. but if youre going multistage anyways i would certainly do that.

  55. SuperXmouse Says:

    Daniel,please can you build gauss rifle from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

  56. Joe Says:

    Could you please put a parts list and schematic for the electrical system. The rest I can do on my own. :)

  57. Alan Parekh Says:

    Schematic added.

  58. Charles Aulino Says:

    Hey Man,

    I just wanted to let you know that I think your homemade electricity gun is awesome!!!! Looks like you are having a really fun time with that hobby. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your creations.


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  60. Ben H Says:

    All that needs to be done now, is use higher capacitance capacitors and rifle the rounds. But no matter what, a coilgun will never be all that powerful due to magnetic saturation (unless you want to talk about quench guns). Rail guns are far more promising, although keeping the rails from fusing can be hard.

  61. murrain Says:

    how could make the power last for longer?

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  63. mary Says:

    Wowwww…. It is ALMOST as powerful as a decades old pump BB gun but with just 1/4th the range of the old pump BB gun & 1/3 the velocity.

    Plus it only holds 1/20th the ammo the old pump BB gun does. More proof some have too much time on their hands.

  64. ompalompa Says:

    @mary, and clearly some have to much time to compare a build with their old bb guns.

    let this guy alone, he build something cool and awsome. what have you done the last few weeks? All this comparisons to a bb gun. thats totally lame. he didnt want to build a killing device i persume. he build a coil gun, that works. Do you have one? You know how to get is better and more killing? DO IT! not just complaining about how weak this is…. till than stfu

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  66. Joe Says:

    I don’t think rifling this would bring much benefit. The velocity is too low already. Increase the power? Increase the number of coils. Add a second coil in the middle of the gun. Then the real problem would be timing the second to fire at just the right time. I would like to try that.

  67. Roel Says:


    dutch, aren’t you?
    mooie gun! en dat in een week tijd!
    mijne wordt backback style: lichte gun, dikke kabel naar een rugzak met 4 x 4700uF @ 380V.
    maar mijne heeft geen auto-reload. grendelgeweer, zes kogels in een clip.

  68. Daniel Says:

    haha was dat zo duidelijk ?:P

    ik zit erover te denken ook zoiets te doen, maar dan wel semi automatisch met spijkers ofzo. ik heb nog 6 thyristors liggen dus ik denk dat ik maar gelijk voor 6 stage ga;) maargoed eerst nog maar wat onderdelen verzamelen.

  69. SuperXmouse Says:

    Daniel I think you forgot fire button in schematic

  70. Daniel Says:

    S4 is the fire switch placed on the trigger.

  71. gringe Says:

    Would it not be possible to stack charges for more than one bolt. Allow for more time on the initial charge up time, holding charge for say 3 bolts, then whilst the first 3 bolts are fired the charge up cycle begins?

  72. SuperXmouse Says:

    Daniel,why isn’t fire button between coil and capacitors?

  73. Daniel Says:

    becouse the current to the coil is so high no ordenary switch can hanle it, also a lot of energy would go to waste to heat and arcing. thats why a silicon controlled rectifier (scr, thyristor) is used.

  74. Richard Says:

    Nice work, the concept is sound. This could be the future of weapons.

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  79. broseph Says:

    Good base for future improvement and possible militaristic use, but i could throw a metal projectile more forcefully than your current model. Needs improvement but good start!

  80. moshee Says:

    I’d like to see you throw a metal projectile and puncture a hole in a soda can with it….

  81. Matt Vanderploeg Says:

    I was just thinking, why are you bullets so large? Looks like you copied the size of a real bullet and cartridge. Smaller bullet = higher velocity = higher accuracy. Use the speed of the bullet and weight to figure out a perfect weight of a bullet for the most kinetic energy. Good design tho.

  82. Anothercoilgun Says:

    Hobby Coilgun bullets are governed by completely different principles than rifles. Lets stop the comparison between the two until Hobby bullets reach mach 1.

  83. Bowl Says:

    to improve velocity: use a spherical projectile at 1/4 of the size of the present projectile. basically, an oversized BB. and then, watch as it goes flying out. then lengthen the projectile into a cylinder with a dome on top (basically, a bullet). make this one half of the length of the original projectile. rifle the barrel. add 2 more electromagnetic coils, and time these to start 30ms after the original coil starts (so, coil one starts at 0ms, coil 2 at 30ms, coil 3 at 60ms). then, see what happens. fine tune the coils until you have the perfect timing.

  84. How do i use the high voltage paintball gun? Says:

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  85. Kevman Says:

    I believe the average velocity of a 9mm round from a common handgun is about 500-600 joules. The most powerful handheld coilgun i’ve seen is about 20-25 joules. The best efficiency I’ve seen thus far from a coilgun is about 6.6% with a LOW joule capacitor source (60 joules). The bottom line is coilguns are FAR too inefficient to be considered for a handheld weapon. The current design would need to be completely changed. My guess would be to utilize extremely high voltage (voltage translates to EMF) like upwards of 10,000 volts.

  86. theMan Says:

    Cool gun, minus the bulb in the front though

  87. Interesting files around the world.. all in one site.. Says:

    are those capacitors beside the bulb?

  88. Jeremy Says:

    SO…you basically made a rail gun.

    That is amazing.

  89. diesel Says:

    What if you used a slightly lighter and more streamlined pointed projectile? (Maybe hollow from the back end like a pellet or a mini ball.) Wouldn’t that improve velocity?

  90. Daniel Says:

    That would make the projectile faster, however it would contain much less energy because of the lighter weight (also you have much less material to magnetize). Therefore you need a different coil and maby even change the capacitors. You basically wind up disigning a whole diffrent coilgun.

    @ jeremy: A coilgun is something different than a railgun, no matter how you look at this it is still a coilgun;)

  91. Colby Says:

    Hey Daniel, I’m very interested in this coilgun you have here. I was wondering if you could list the parts used to create it (If that hasn’t already been done). I would also like to know what basic knowledge is required to make coilguns, experiment with them, and to be able to develop my own. Is there any way I could contact you?

  92. Daniel Says:

    All the electrical parts I used are on the schematic, you can find more information on my own site http://www.megavolts.nl/index.php/en/projects/geweren/46-megagun and you can also contact me there. If you plan on developing your own coilgun it might be an idea to build a microcontroller speedometer to monitor any progress (or just 5 sheets of thin cartboard:) ). cya there.

  93. Brennen Says:

    Hey is there any way i can get plans for this? I always wanted to make one and yours is the best/coolest one ive seen. I’d like to use your design and build a bigger, more powerful one. No, im not going to use it on humans…. but the squirrels in my yard……! Let me know if u can give me the plans or if i need to pay u or watever. Thanks, Brennen

  94. Daniel Says:

    Take a look at http://www.megavolts.nl/index.php/en/projects/geweren/46-megagun all information on the elektrical system is there, that’s basically all you need to know to build it.

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  96. DasK Says:

    Daniel, I have a question that will seem quite trivial to your engineering here.

    I really like the color of the LEDs used to illuminate the gun. Can you tell me what kind you used? I can’t tell if they’re blue, violet, blacklight or?
    A part name or supplier would be ideal. Thanks!

    PS Great work.

  97. Daniel Says:

    They just seem blue to me;) I got them from a pile of junk at my school. There is no serial number or anything on the bag, so i’m afraid that I can’t help you with that. Maybe there is a way to translate the color on the picture back to a specific wavelength, you can then try to find leds with a simular color.

  98. Dos Time Live » Dos Time Live – 66 – Leakage Says:

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  99. me Says:

    this is a well shit video, try shooting at something more exiting than a can. my bb gun huts more i bet

  100. tudor Says:

    if you replace the big, heavy bullets with one-inch miniarrows, you can kill someone silently from a couple of feet. and the power requirements would be a lot lower, which means a smaller, easily concealable weapon 😉
    i’d do that with the batteries around the barrel , circular magazine and stuff… it would be like those thin energy drink cans… maybe even disguised as one 😀

  101. tudor Says:

    oh, and for the deceleration part… you can use a switch cutting off the power right before the mag field becomes a problem…?

  102. moshee Says:

    @me you’re missing the point here.

    @tudor there’s a lot more advanced stuff going on with DIY coilguns than this, I would suggest going to a couple sites (gausspistol, another coilgun site) and look at their ideas first.

  103. s l Says:

    How about making the bullets hollowpoints ?

  104. Matt Says:

    looks very cool but if you incorporate a couple micro switches inside the barrel and coil over the barrel you can make it a more powerful multistage coil gun. re. hollow points are pointless because this gun only fires 400fps; a gun fires 2,000-2,500 fps. With slow speeds it will cause far too much resistance, with high speeds resistance is negligible and hollow points are great for more damage. you might also try scrapping the on board batteries, they weigh a lot and will never serve their purpose. Another addition might be cutting the projectile in half to make projectile travel faster and farther or make the barrel a three dimensional monorail. You can make your projectile hover down the barrel with no friction only air resistance. great work so far

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  106. alex smith Says:

    nice shoot …great work

  107. DIY Audio - Home, Car and Pro DIY Audio advices network » 7 Great DIY Projects Says:

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  109. Drewski Says:

    That gun is mad corny with the light bulb. It looks like a pathetic science project I did 5 years ago. I like the fact that it holds like wat 14 or 15 in the clip?

  110. moshee Says:

    Drewski, why don’t you try to do better, faggot.

  111. Drewski Says:

    Y don’t u grow up u child get a life, job, etc. Or maybe some cooch “faggot”. LmfaoOo childish

  112. moshee Says:

    Hmm, I wonder who’s the one being childish here? Learn to spell and use grammar, too.

  113. Drewski Says:

    Hahaha u r very entertainin wen I’m under the influence but please if u type another message after this one u mos def has no type of life. Have a gud nite weirdo

  114. yzorg Says:

    amazing gun!
    but i would have come up with a more practical design.
    put two of those nifty capacitors to each side and move the lightbulb to the underside… that way you could aim more easy.
    the overall look then would resemble one of the weopns in “5th element” Where this guy tries to rob Bruce willis.

  115. big boi Says:

    where did you get the lcd vlolt meter ?

  116. big boi Says:

    and also how much for it i will pay up to $270.00 for it just reply and i will give you my emale

  117. Mark1.5 CoilMaster Upgrade - Now Charges in 1 Second - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] friend Daniel Eindhoven from Megavolts has been hard at work improving on the coil gun that we featured here before. The new circuit modifications allows the gun to fire every second now. The new halogen charge […]

  118. darrendade Says:

    so i have a 11.1 volt 800mah battery , and i am gonna be getting some capacitors , is it better to have less capitance (uf thing)and high volts for a quicker discharge? so more watts go thru the solonoid at once , and did you use alernating or direct current , because i heard capacitors block direct current?. Lastly are the capacitors used in series then the bulb when no longer lighten tells you if the capacitors are charged then by pressing a switch will that allow the power to pass into the solonoid on a parralel rung ?please someone help? im very confused and determind to make one of these

  119. trafegodigital Says:

    awesome gun, how can i get that?

  120. John Says:

    Hey Daniel, I really like what you did here. I want to try to make something similar. I’ve been trying to rework the circuit diagram so it just uses batteries (no AC input)and doesn’t have all the leds and the laser. I got a little confused, can you help me?

  121. Alan Says:

    Where did you get a handle like that?

  122. James Arthur Bowman ii. Says:

    Nice, yet firmly compact. However, one question comes to mind. unless You are in Your own domain, what type of portable power pack do You have as back up? Unless You have other devices, as such for-mentioned, to hack into places one might be entering?…

  123. StanSki Says:

    Unless this has been suggested already, may I suggest:

    Cut the weight of the projectile by 1/3, put a bit more of a point on the front of the projectile, “boat tail” the rear of the projectile (this is a 45 degree chamber to the 90 degree rear terminus), and finally, machine a 9:1 right twist rifling to the inside of the barrel.

    An excellent work of art regardless. Cheers!!

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    […] of amps?  Welding is one thing, and that’s pretty hip to be sure.   Plus, everybody’s making coil guns these days.  And what do all good impulse weapons need?  Current!  Well, strong magnetic fields […]

  126. anelka Says:

    You could use piezo-electric charging device. It gives naturally high voltage suitable for the condensors.
    You can easily use your hand and arm to produce between 10 to 100j of energy needed to send the projectile.

    Are your projectiles magnetic or just plain iron?
    Have you tried lighter an smaller projectiles?
    .22 caliber ammos weight around 2,6 grams. If you can achieve the same energy transfer, the bullets would be 2 to 3 times faster.

    Maybe adding a second coil at some distance from the first could give you a higher energy transfer rate since the only moment the projectile is accelerated is the short time it travels throuht the first one.
    Firing the second coil would be however tricky..

  127. Arjoon Says:

    the tic 106s don’t seem to be right. won’t it fry during the first shot or that you have used 10 of the in parallel. the datasheet says surge is 30amps for 20ms. the used is 300amp because coil resistance is 1. v=ir. i=v/r. so tell me please

  128. Daniel Says:

    The part type in this schematic is incorrect, I used the SKKT71. The surge current in my coil was about 1500A. You can find the revised schematic here: http://www.megavolts.nl/en/projecten/geweren/150-mv-coilmaster-mark15-upgrade

  129. bswt Says:

    sharpen the tips of the bullits

  130. r Says:

    nice b b gun

  131. ganesh Says:

    i want to make it. can you help me to make?

  132. Arjoon Says:

    @ganesh visit my page here it shows a better way of making it i.e cheaper n more easy to make


  133. andrew91 Says:

    what is power of resistors R1 and R2

  134. jds997 Says:

    Impressive gun, I’m sort of wondering, how many coils did you use while making it? That gun looks epic, nice touch with the plexiglass casing.

  135. i Says:

    how long to wait for the capacitor to cool

  136. mack Says:

    Daniel , on the scheme there are six capacitors, but in the photo there are four capacitors, where the two?

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