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May 7, 2009

MV CoilMaster Mark1 Coil Gun

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Daniel Eindhoven sent in his latest creation, this is one killer looking coil gun! The laser effects are fantastic. 🙂 If you love coil guns make sure you have a look at our top 5 coil gun list.

"Fully semi-automatic, up to 14 shots.
Capable of delivering over 18J kinetic energy, and speeds up to 110km/h! (42 gram projectiles).
It’s a single stage gun, using a 8800uF(4×2200) capacitor bank with max 400v (704J).
Max shot efficiency is 2.8% but reaches almost 4% at lower voltages.

Charge time for 300v (12J kinetic energy 396J capacitor bank) is 8 seconds for the mains connection,
and when using the internal batteries about 90 seconds. It also has a Digital voltage display.

Coil overheat after 14 shots at 300v.
Total weight: 5 kilogram.
Total spend: ~~ 100 Euro
Construction time: ~~40 Hrs"

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137 Responses to “MV CoilMaster Mark1 Coil Gun”

  1. tudor Says:

    oh, and for the deceleration part… you can use a switch cutting off the power right before the mag field becomes a problem…?

  2. moshee Says:

    @me you’re missing the point here.

    @tudor there’s a lot more advanced stuff going on with DIY coilguns than this, I would suggest going to a couple sites (gausspistol, another coilgun site) and look at their ideas first.

  3. s l Says:

    How about making the bullets hollowpoints ?

  4. Matt Says:

    looks very cool but if you incorporate a couple micro switches inside the barrel and coil over the barrel you can make it a more powerful multistage coil gun. re. hollow points are pointless because this gun only fires 400fps; a gun fires 2,000-2,500 fps. With slow speeds it will cause far too much resistance, with high speeds resistance is negligible and hollow points are great for more damage. you might also try scrapping the on board batteries, they weigh a lot and will never serve their purpose. Another addition might be cutting the projectile in half to make projectile travel faster and farther or make the barrel a three dimensional monorail. You can make your projectile hover down the barrel with no friction only air resistance. great work so far

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  6. alex smith Says:

    nice shoot …great work

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  9. Drewski Says:

    That gun is mad corny with the light bulb. It looks like a pathetic science project I did 5 years ago. I like the fact that it holds like wat 14 or 15 in the clip?

  10. moshee Says:

    Drewski, why don’t you try to do better, faggot.

  11. Drewski Says:

    Y don’t u grow up u child get a life, job, etc. Or maybe some cooch “faggot”. LmfaoOo childish

  12. moshee Says:

    Hmm, I wonder who’s the one being childish here? Learn to spell and use grammar, too.

  13. Drewski Says:

    Hahaha u r very entertainin wen I’m under the influence but please if u type another message after this one u mos def has no type of life. Have a gud nite weirdo

  14. yzorg Says:

    amazing gun!
    but i would have come up with a more practical design.
    put two of those nifty capacitors to each side and move the lightbulb to the underside… that way you could aim more easy.
    the overall look then would resemble one of the weopns in “5th element” Where this guy tries to rob Bruce willis.

  15. big boi Says:

    where did you get the lcd vlolt meter ?

  16. big boi Says:

    and also how much for it i will pay up to $270.00 for it just reply and i will give you my emale

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  18. darrendade Says:

    so i have a 11.1 volt 800mah battery , and i am gonna be getting some capacitors , is it better to have less capitance (uf thing)and high volts for a quicker discharge? so more watts go thru the solonoid at once , and did you use alernating or direct current , because i heard capacitors block direct current?. Lastly are the capacitors used in series then the bulb when no longer lighten tells you if the capacitors are charged then by pressing a switch will that allow the power to pass into the solonoid on a parralel rung ?please someone help? im very confused and determind to make one of these

  19. trafegodigital Says:

    awesome gun, how can i get that?

  20. John Says:

    Hey Daniel, I really like what you did here. I want to try to make something similar. I’ve been trying to rework the circuit diagram so it just uses batteries (no AC input)and doesn’t have all the leds and the laser. I got a little confused, can you help me?

  21. Alan Says:

    Where did you get a handle like that?

  22. James Arthur Bowman ii. Says:

    Nice, yet firmly compact. However, one question comes to mind. unless You are in Your own domain, what type of portable power pack do You have as back up? Unless You have other devices, as such for-mentioned, to hack into places one might be entering?…

  23. StanSki Says:

    Unless this has been suggested already, may I suggest:

    Cut the weight of the projectile by 1/3, put a bit more of a point on the front of the projectile, “boat tail” the rear of the projectile (this is a 45 degree chamber to the 90 degree rear terminus), and finally, machine a 9:1 right twist rifling to the inside of the barrel.

    An excellent work of art regardless. Cheers!!

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  26. anelka Says:

    You could use piezo-electric charging device. It gives naturally high voltage suitable for the condensors.
    You can easily use your hand and arm to produce between 10 to 100j of energy needed to send the projectile.

    Are your projectiles magnetic or just plain iron?
    Have you tried lighter an smaller projectiles?
    .22 caliber ammos weight around 2,6 grams. If you can achieve the same energy transfer, the bullets would be 2 to 3 times faster.

    Maybe adding a second coil at some distance from the first could give you a higher energy transfer rate since the only moment the projectile is accelerated is the short time it travels throuht the first one.
    Firing the second coil would be however tricky..

  27. Arjoon Says:

    the tic 106s don’t seem to be right. won’t it fry during the first shot or that you have used 10 of the in parallel. the datasheet says surge is 30amps for 20ms. the used is 300amp because coil resistance is 1. v=ir. i=v/r. so tell me please

  28. Daniel Says:

    The part type in this schematic is incorrect, I used the SKKT71. The surge current in my coil was about 1500A. You can find the revised schematic here: http://www.megavolts.nl/en/projecten/geweren/150-mv-coilmaster-mark15-upgrade

  29. bswt Says:

    sharpen the tips of the bullits

  30. r Says:

    nice b b gun

  31. ganesh Says:

    i want to make it. can you help me to make?

  32. Arjoon Says:

    @ganesh visit my page here it shows a better way of making it i.e cheaper n more easy to make


  33. andrew91 Says:

    what is power of resistors R1 and R2

  34. jds997 Says:

    Impressive gun, I’m sort of wondering, how many coils did you use while making it? That gun looks epic, nice touch with the plexiglass casing.

  35. i Says:

    how long to wait for the capacitor to cool

  36. mack Says:

    Daniel , on the scheme there are six capacitors, but in the photo there are four capacitors, where the two?

  37. Caleb Says:

    This is a very good gun, and is quite effective for a diy. You have done a great job so far! My only comment would be to add some kind of rifling inside the barrel to add rotational stability to the projectile as it flies. You should get less air resistance slowing the projectile down and the rotational stability will stop the projectile from tumbling end over end. I couldn’t tell you how to put rifling in the barrel or how much, but I’m sure you could figure that out with a little bit of research. I would also suggest maybe thinking about adding a second coil eventually, because when added in succession with enough electricity pumped into the system, you could get a lot of power out of it. You have done a fantastic job so far with the gun! I hope that you might eventually make even more great creations! Best of luck on your adventure in the world of weapon prototypes! Love the work you have done so far!

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