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May 7, 2009

iPhone Controlled R2D2 Robot

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This R2D2 robot is a work in progress but in the end the creator will have it working 100% with his iPhone. The first steps video shows the robot under control of a standard remote but that is just a temporary control method. Have a look here for some of the iPhone interface information. We will have to keep our eye on the progress and report back when it is near completion.

"I am also working on controlling a vmusic2 module in order to produce the sounds R2D2 makes. I am also planning on controlling other parts of R2 with this setup as well including:

  • Dome motor
  • Feet motors
  • Holo servo
  • door panel servos
  • JEDI system control (lights)
  • Periscope (eventually)
  • Lifeform scanner (eventually)
  • and more

Another nice aspect of this setup is that I can add microcontrollers and remotes (iPhones or iPod touch) to extend the system."

Via: Apple Phone Hacks