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April 30, 2009

No Battery Radio Experiments

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There are radio designs that require no batteries. Rick Crammond has been playing with a radio called the Beta Blocker Spirit Radio. Have a look at his other crazy radio experiments here.


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6 Responses to “No Battery Radio Experiments”

  1. Mike Y Says:

    If I can find it, there’s a schematic out there for a ‘self-powering’ radio – it basically uses two simple receive circuits.

    One part is the ‘real’ radio, with variable tuning coil and a transistor for amplification. The transistor provides a bit more volume than a regular (no-power) crystal radio.

    The other half is fix-tuned to ‘any strong local AM signal’ and is basically a diode which rectifies the signal of this one station, providing a tiny bit of power for the transistor.

    I save a lot of links and schematics, but I’ll have to hunt for that one…

    Mike Y
    Dallas, Texas

  2. Mike Y Says:

    “Free Power” radio… Aha:

    Item #153 (down)…

    From a Popular Electronics article, October 1973.
    I haven’t built this, but I might like to try.
    Might have better results with germanium diodes (1N34A, 1N60, 1N270…)rather than silicon, I’m guessing due to the lower voltage drop across germanium diodes.

    Happy Soldering…
    Mike Y
    Dallas, Texas

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the info Mike.

  4. Rick Crammond Says:

    Along the same lines as a self-powered radio mentioned above, here is a link to a schematic for a transmitter that uses no power supply other than your voice. Note it only transmits within a room with its 20 microwatt transmitter…

    Since I have proven that the un-powered Beta Blocker Radio above not only receives radio waves, but detects EM fields, EM pulses, white light, laser light, candle light and even audio frequencies, it would not surprise me that it can block beta brain waves, too!

  5. James Says:

    Isn’t that “Woodpecker” just the SSID beacon that is sent 10 times a second?

  6. John R Says:

    A wireless router emits radio signals?? conspiracy!!

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