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April 26, 2009

Fireball V90 CNC Router Assembly

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The Fireball V90 CNC Router is a CNC machine that comes in kit form requiring assembly. There was a sneak peak of its capability last week. See the text that the Fireball V90 routed into an old circuit board, with a PCB routing bit the Fireball V90 CNC Router easily went through everything that was in its way, and that included surface mount chips!

Currently the Fireball V90 is one of the cheapest CNC machines on the market and is a great way to get your feet wet with CNC machining. I spent considerable time researching entry level machines prior to making the plunge with this model. I first heard about the machine from a Nuts and Volts article that Vern Graner wrote. In addition to being a well designed machine I hear that Probotix which is owned by Len Shelton offers great support (although I haven’t needed anything replaced under warranty yet). There is also a Yahoo support group which currently has 989 members, this group of people includes John Hansford who is the creator of the machine.

The following pages will show the assembly steps needed to put together a Fireball V90 CNC Router, the video below will also give you a high level feel of what is involved in putting together one of these machines. Depending on your comfort level with hand tools it should take between 4 and 8 hours to put together. Other than the machine that is built here a motor controller, a control computer and CNC software is also needed. The construction of a motor controller and the setup of the computer will be covered in future articles so stay tuned!

Update: Here is the Fireball V90 CNC Router Motor Driver Controller Build

Inventory the parts to make sure you have everything. (page 2)
Assemble the gantry. (page 3)
Install gantry lead screw and gantry drive nut. (page 4)
Assemble the CNC frame. (page 5)
Mount gantry to frame and install Y axis lead screw. (page 6)
Install motors. (page 7)
Install deck and tool holder. (page 8 )

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