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April 20, 2009

VHS Tape Storage Drive

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Mount everything in the Tape Shell

I used the Dremel to carve out a bunch of plastic ribs and spacers from inside the tape shell. It was still very tight to make everything fit and not be seen through the windows but it did fit. The circuit board was also slathered with hot glue to hold everything in place. I would not want one of the wires to pop off after the circuit board was hot glued in place. I didn’t use any heatshrink on the LED or motor wires, instead some hot glue holds things in place and also provides short circuit insulation. A rubber band was used to turn one of the tape reels, I had lots of trouble with this since the slightest tightness on the rubber band would cause the reel to pull in against the reel guides and stop turning. It was smooth to turn by hand but the belt was working against itself. If I used a tighter belt to prevent slipping it would obvously oull the reel harder against the guides and still cause binding. The solution was to take one of the metal tape roller guides that was in the tape shell and use it to push the reel away from the guide and keep it spinning freely. The roller guide was just slipped over a bent paper clip that was hot glued in place. By this time I was thinking that I sould get a hot glue company to sponsor the build. 🙂


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