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April 19, 2009

Russian V8 Sidecar Motorcycle

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This Russian V8 Sidecar Motorcycle looks amazing. There is no gas miser engine here, the big beefy V8 engine is sure to provide all the power you can handle and then some! I have seen some huge bikes before and always thought how hard it would be to handle the thing even with the slightest lean. The sidecar solves this problem very well and provides a convenient place to hang the rad.


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8 Responses to “Russian V8 Sidecar Motorcycle”

  1. Russian V8 Sidecar Motorcycle | DIY How To Says:

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  2. Josh Says:

    Pretty impressive given the economic turmoil they are still going through in Russia. It’s very artistic and better color scheme compared to how it started out. It would be nice to know what engine is in it though.

  3. Tech Blog Says:

    oly cow! the thing look like something that comes out of a science fiction with a post apocalyptic theme or japanese anime, love it!

  4. Maigo Says:

    awesome as it is, I can’t imagine riding a rolling BBQ

  5. Tony Says:

    Not a bike rider then?

    Contrary to popular belief, adding a sidecar to a motorcycle actually makes it harder to ride.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Tony,

    Actually I did ride when I was younger. My bike had a 750cc engine and was not hard to handle and not hard to keep upright when stopped but I could not imagine holding onto this thing at a red light and a stiff breeze. 🙂

  7. Wolf01 Says:

    @Tech Blog: in fact it does look like one of the various raiders’ bikes in Hokuto No Ken

  8. uldics Says:

    Is this the same one I have seen somewhere on some russian website about a year ago, which was black and without sidecar?

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