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April 18, 2009

Fireball V90 CNC routes Hacked Gadgets into an Old Circuit Board

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I had mentioned in a few posts along the way that I would be getting a CNC machine shortly. Well as you can see it’s here and working. 🙂 The CNC machine that I purchased is the Fireball V90 CNC machine. If you are a Nuts and Volts reader, this was the one that they featured a few months ago (PDF). In the coming weeks there will be some articles covering the construction of the kit, wiring up the controller and configuring the software that is needed to operate the machine.


This is the first piece that I made other than some basic testing. I used a carbide circuit board routing bit to cut the image, as you can see there is lots of room for improvement. I don’t have a proper hold down system yet, this was routed using some masking tape (and my hands) to hold the item in place. The alignment of the text is a bit off and you can see that there are a few letters that are not quite right. The letter deformation was caused by the board moving slightly when the machine hit some hard items such as chips and capacitors. If I ever make another one of these I would reverse the text being cut out so that the component side would be the normally visible side. I didn’t think the cut components would look so interesting. Make sure you have a look at some of the images below, the ones that have cuts through the center of a chip looks very interesting.