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April 14, 2009

Suzuk-E – Suzuki Electric Bike Active Cooling, LED Dimmer Circuit and CNC Stencils

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The Suzuk-E Electric Bike build continues. The last time they did some cool Gear Casting using CNC and Foam. This time they added some active cooling to the electric motor and used a CNC machine to make some stencils, constructed a custom LED Dimmer Circuit and lots of other fun projects.

“Over the course of several road and trail runs the motor temps were topping 100F as measured in the center of the outer steel magnet casing. If this were July, I’d be quite pleased, but this is Feb/March and the temps never were above freezing, one day was minus 10C. To continue along with the paint theme I opted to draft some simple stencils to do the lettering. The mill was set to 25 Inches per minute feed rate running a 0.020″ cutter set to a depth of 0.030″. The cut is a little ragged but certainly passable.”


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4 Responses to “Suzuk-E – Suzuki Electric Bike Active Cooling, LED Dimmer Circuit and CNC Stencils”

  1. Robert Says:

    WOW truly fantasic! He is very talanted. His cnc machine looks home made, is it? I can only say cudo’s for ingenuity. I mean the use of hard drive casing and the lawn mower for the mobile cast. This is a working advertise for the renew/ reuse/ recycle campaign. Truly insiring!
    Alan you seem to be a magnet for genius,

  2. ivo Says:

    looks like those guys can build pretty everything from scratch

  3. KickF Says:

    I`m glad to see that he did a rework on that cooling … like this solution much better 🙂 … wonder when we see a project from him making a electric snowmobile 😀 could pack quite a few battery packs inside there 😀 … but then again we are moving to summer now so starting on such a project that you can`t haveing fun with for a some time, it can wait I guess 😛

  4. FrankG Says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback!!!

    I don’t see an Electric Snowmobile on the “Project-List” (yet ;), but
    slowly I’m gettng all the parts together to convert a full-sized
    Suzuki Quad-Runner over the summer.


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