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April 12, 2009

Puff – Arduino Robot that finds and Blows out Fires

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This Puff Robotic Fire Fighter is a nice mix of sensors and motors. The sticker job does a great job in making the robot look like something out of a toy box. The panic mode is cool, just like a human it has a fight or flight instinct!

"Puff is able to Put out Fires – He Scans his Head to find the Flames – he orientates towards the Flame – and Blows it out. If he fails to blow out the Fire within 2 sweeps then the "PANIC" mode switches in and he backs away to save himself from frying his "Chips". Puff is an Arduino based tracked autonomous Robotic Vehicle with "Cliff" and "Obstacle" detection.

Basic Setup

Custom Dragon Cut and Paste Skin.
Arduino Processor      Motor Shield
2 Motors 224:1 (Track drive)
1 Servo (Head scanning)
1 Motor with Propellor fan
2 Light sensitive Probes"