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April 12, 2009

Paintball Sentry Gun has Multiple Enemy Tracking

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You may remember the Paintball Sentry Gun that we featured last year. Well the team over at The Sentry Project has not been resting, the new version of the gun software is now available on Ebay and it looks very impressive. It was very sensitive and precise before but have a look at the videos, it has been tweaked to improve the results! I wish I owned a junkyard, I would get rid of the dog and purchase a few of these.

"The software kit is an inexpensive solution for building your own Automated Sentry. It is ideal for those of you who are mechanically inclined or have custom applications in mind.   

The Software Kit will consist of the software and the servo controller. They cannot be separated because the software only works with the that specific servo controller. They will be auctioned off on eBay to eliminate the possibility of me charging too much or too little.

The kit can be used for anything from a harmless video surveillance system that tracks and zooms in on moving objects, to a full fledged, heavy duty, gun platform (for area denial or force multiplication) or anything in between."