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April 6, 2009

Control X10 Modules using an iPhone

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There are many ways to go about automating your home. One of the easiest methods is to use X10 technology which uses the existing AC house wiring for communication. This is nice because you can control lights and appliances without running any wires in your walls. Xtenscape which was developed by Scott Hather allows you to take control of this X10 technology using the free custom built app. There is also a Windows and Mac version available which is nice to see. The author has just recently announced that he has released an iPhone and iPod Touch app that will allow users of his Xtenscape software to control the home automation system. 

"I’ve just released an iPhone app on the iTunes store called ‘Xtenscape’, its a free app. It will connect to Xtenscape for Mac and Windows, and that program will control your X-10 home automation modules around your home or office. This is nothing new, you can do this already, but apart from the X-10 hardware(modules), this is totally FREE. This is a video demonstration of how it works. So simple, your granny could do it. "

Via: Automated Home