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April 6, 2009

1600 Volt Can Crusher

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You can buy can crushers at Costco, place your can in the opening, pull a lever and viola you have a squished can. Of course you can achieve the same results using some high voltage electronics. 🙂 Bob Davis has the right idea here, he is letting technology make his recycling life easier with his 1600 Volt Can Crusher. All it takes is 1600 volts and a bit of bravery to get over the electrocution risk.

"First I used 4 big capacitors and then later I stepped up to 8 of those big capacitors. I fried the old SCR and then replaced it with an ED431825 that can handle 1.8 KV (1800 Volts) and 250 amps continuous and 6.5 KA peak (6500 Amps). This design started out with one MOT (Microwave Oven Transformer) then for a while it had two MOT’s. "


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15 Responses to “1600 Volt Can Crusher”

  1. Wolf Says:

    Awesome, he should try driving a coilgun with that supply. Also, I envy his ability to poke around in that case so casually, even one of those caps probably stores enough energy to kill him.

  2. poisomike87 Says:

    that is pretty darn snazzy 😀

  3. Beanpole Says:

    WOW – all that just to flatten a can.. I just stand on mine 🙂

  4. ChalkBored Says:

    But he’d have to put shoes on to do that.

  5. London Says:

    wow, that’s impressive, is the coil just magnetically crushing the can?

  6. Alex Says:

    yes it is, by using Eddie currents, very strong, if u use a coilgun with an aluminum barrel,
    the eddie current can tare it up.
    It doesn’t atract another magnet.
    It’s a big, powerfull device, but the designer ran into problems with the banana jacks.
    I first saw it on Youtube.

  7. foo Says:

    London; no. The washer it being repelled away from the coil. The can is crushed between the washer and the cinder block

  8. London Says:

    ohh, that’s what the hard drive disk is for, duh

  9. Alex Says:

    yep, I am making my own coillgun/can crusher/ IC frier.
    Can I use some 40 volt 4600 microfarad caps wired in series to 100 or 200 volts?
    I hoped to get a 22000 microfarad cap at 100 volts.(10/15 bucks on http://www.tme.eu/en)
    That would be cool!!

  10. Andreas Says:

    Alex, when building a coil gun, you would want to get the biggest current as possible through your coil for a very short instance.

    short instance = less micro farad
    high current = high voltage (in this case, since we are talking a shourcurcuit) i=u/r ~ Amps = voltage / resistance.

    the power of your magnet feild is (i can’t remember the english word for this) amps * coil turns.
    And everytime you make another turn on your coil, you increase the resistance, hence reducing the amps.
    i think that is what you need to get started.

  11. Andreas Says:

    alex, and another thing is; the higher the farad count is, the more energy is stored. but you need to make sure all the power is blowen off before the “projectile” reaches the center of the coil. if the magnetfield is still active when the projectile reaches the center, it will reduce the speed dramaticly.
    i think that is about it. 🙂

  12. Beanmosheen Says:

    He’s pushing his luck with a 1k potential that close. He needs optocoupled switches and a remote discharge mechanism. It’s still a cool project though.

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