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April 3, 2009

Open GPS Tracker using Cheap Cell Phone

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Looks like the cheap prepaid Motorola cell phones that you can find at many of the convenience stores can be used for projects such as this Open GPS Tracker project. It would be interesting to make a device that worked like a poor mans LoJack.

"The Open GPS Tracker is a small device which plugs into a $20 prepaid mobile phone to make a GPS tracker. The Tracker responds to text message commands, detects motion, and sends you its exact position, ready for Google Maps or your mapping software. The Tracker firmware is open source and user-customizable. The current supported hardware platform is:
* Tyco Electronics A1035D GPS module
* Motorola C168i AT&T GoPhone prepaid mobile phone
* Atmel ATTINY84-20PU AVR microcontroller"