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March 30, 2009

Ultrasonic Cat Water Dish Monitor

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Using an Parallax ultrasonic sensor, an Arduino and a computer this Ultrasonic Cat Water Dish Monitor project will allow you to monitor the cat dish level from anywhere. 🙂 I think a cool upgrade would be monitoring and record the time and frequency of usage and temperature. It would be cool to see an increase of water drinks as the temperature in the house got warmer. Have a look at this page for the current water level.

"Alright, so I’ve had this done for a little while – all I had to do was flip the switch on it.  So here is the current setup:

  1. Arduino waits for serial communication from computer connected by USB.  Upon request from the computer, it will take a water level reading and send it back.
  2. The computer, an NSLU2 reflashed with Debian, sends a request every hour at “0″ minute for the current water level.  It takes that level and creates a text file, the text file is then uploaded to the hosted web server by way of the “scp” command.
  3. The web server runs a script every hour on the “1″ minute to read the uploaded text file and update the index.html file at www root."