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March 30, 2009

iPhone Volume Control Sensitivity Hack

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If you are having problems with the sensitivity of the volume control of your iPhone have a look at this hack. Like the author of the hack you may want to wait until you need to open your phone since performing the fix will void your warranty.

"The volume buttons are housed on the back plate along with the gyroscope?, mute button, headphone socket and power-off button. It quickly became apparent why Apple was reluctant to fix it – all the above are a single connected package, so you replace them all if any one went bad. "


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3 Responses to “iPhone Volume Control Sensitivity Hack”

  1. hubert Says:

    The “gyroscope” is, in fact, a little motor which act as the vibrator (silent calls)

  2. vic Says:

    The reference to a “gyroscope” made me smile 🙂 He probably confused it with the accelerometer used to measure the direction and intensity of the gravity force, and which is in fact an IC like any other if you don’t know what to look for.

  3. Smith Says:

    Thanks for the corrections… Accelerometer makes sense – it did have a moving spindle which was gravity based.

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