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March 22, 2009

Spiral Stair Wine Cellar

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I would love to have a secret trap door somewhere in the house, not sure it would be filled with wine since I probably don’t even have a bottle in the house right now. I think my secret cellar would be filled with servers and other technology. Only problem with that would be if the authorities ever found it, they would never think that it was installed just for fun. The Spiral Cellar company offers lots of options, they can make a hidden version or a model that has a glass top to show off your collection. What would you put into your spiral cellar?

"The Spiral Cellar system was first developed by a Frenchman, Georges Harnois, in 1978, who recognized that few modern houses had cellars, but people still wanted somewhere to store their wine. It can keep up to 1,600 bottles in ideal storage conditions and since, like a traditional cellar, it relies on the surrounding earth for its insulation, plus an ingenious air-flow system, it requires no power to maintain its constant temperature. Once it’s paid for, that’s it – no more expenses except for the wine itself, of course! "

Via: Dornop