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March 13, 2009

Xbee 900 rf – Transmit Data 15 Miles

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Wow, this tiny Xbee 900 rf module is supposed to have a range of 15 miles. We all know that these specs are always best case scenarios that are not attainable in the real world but it probably means that we could get 9 or 10 miles out of it. I can just imagine the projects that could be possible with this type of range!

"The XBee-PRO XSC OEM RF module is a 900 MHz wireless solution designed for maximum range within the XBee® footprint. Capable of point-to-point, peer-to-peer and point-to-multipoint networking, the XBee-PRO XSC is ideal for solutions where RF penetration and absolute transmission distance are paramount to the application."

Via: Technabob


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6 Responses to “Xbee 900 rf – Transmit Data 15 Miles”

  1. Andre Says:

    Unfortunately, the usage of this 900MHz device is not permitted in Europe, Australia and Japan. Here in germany, however, you can get a temporary, regionally limited license for testing purposes.

    For my desired (home) application the datarate of the ZigBees is too low (~10kbps). I made quite good experiences with FreeWAVE’s HT PLUS 900MHz “Ethernet radios”, which are not allowed to be used in Europe, likewise. Nevertheless, the link was stable over a distance of ~35km (clear line-of-sight). On one side I had a 70cm onmidirectional antenna and on the other side a 2m yagi. Datarate was stable at ~30KB/s.

  2. The voice in your head Says:

    15 miles with what size antenna? A device this size that can transmit that far is awfully useful; a device that requires a 2M antenna less so.

  3. mikheil Says:

    30kb/s is to law it is half of dial up 35km it is cool but again 30kb/s it is to low

  4. hereyougo Says:

    First, a quarter wave antenna would be less than 80mm which is quite reasonable. Second a device like this is not used for high bandwidth data but for remote monitoring. Remote electric meter reading would be one application; remote monitoring of points in almost any large industrial complex could eliminate huge amounts of hard wire. However anything that transmits and receives over unsecured media is subject to hacking.

  5. Grendel Says:

    The device is rated at 9600 kbps?
    Wait a moment…i’m booting my C64 off of tape…

    Ahh there it’s up and working with GEM. Now lets connect to that BBS.

  6. David Mudkips Says:

    15 miles range on 100mw @ 900MHz?

    Two words: prove it. Hell, I’d like to see ’em show a reliable data rate at 3 miles. If they can genuinely do this, people will be knocking down their door to buy it.

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