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March 12, 2009

Endo Magnet Clip

at 10:30 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets


Thanks to Scott Amron for sending us a few of these cool Endo Magnet Clips to have a look at. It’s the strongest fridge magnet I have ever used. The design is cool since you don’t have to pry it off the item it’s holding, simply press the top and it rocks the bottom out of the way. Since the magnet is so strong you can be sure it will hold what you need in place. I used a limited imagination and only used it to hold a calendar and a set of car keys on the fridge but have a look at the picture above, you can obviously let your mind go wild. The weight and size of the device is quite nice, the style reminds me of the 1st generation iPod Shuffle. See the pictures below with an iPod Shuffle in the picture for size relationship.

Scott is a true entrepreneur, he operates Amron Experimental and another company called MOQ7 (Minimum Order Quantity) that attempts to presell enough of a new product so that it can be brought to market.