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March 11, 2009

LED Sign Repair

at 12:18 pm. Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


Keith has a good example of making a electronic repair with parts at hand. This 300 dollar sign was going to be thrown in the garbage because of a few burnt out and dim LEDs. After the sign was opened Keith would have replaced the 10mm White LEDs if he had some but he didn’t, his next idea was to drill out the rear of the 10mm LEDs and install some 5mm LEDs. As it turns out he didn’t have any of these either. His final solution was to mount some surface mount LEDs to the back of the existing 10mm LEDs. The result is great, have a look at the above (repaired) picture and see if you can see which LEDs were repaired.

"The sign is made of two plastic sheets sandwiching a thicker plastic frame. The front must be glued on, but the back is screwed on for repairability. The right fix would be to replace the broken LED, but I don’t have any white 10mm LEDs on hand, it would take a while to order, frosted 10mm LEDs seem to be more difficult to find (or to find clearly specified as such), and I’d have to wade through long lists of nearly-identical products searching for the one that was actually right. Immediately I thought of a way I could fix it using materials I had on hand — drill a hole into the back of the 10mm LED and sink a white 5mm LED into it. This idea made me cackle with glee, so you can imagine my disappointment upon realizing I don’t in fact have any white 5mm LEDs here. I need to get me some so I can go back and try that yet."