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March 10, 2009

Steampunk Frankenstein Computer

at 9:46 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Insane Equipment


Dana Mattocks has put together one of the coolest Steampunk Computers I have ever seen. Have a look at the pictures, there is intense detail on every inch of this beast of a computer.

"Intel CPU Duo Core 2 E6600
2x Western Digital 320 Gig drives
Linksys Wireless G
XFi-Extreme Gamer Sound Blaster
Corsair Dominator Memory XMS2 (2Gig)
3 Liters of "Fluid XP Ultra Green" liquid
2 Radiators – Each cools CPU and GPU’s separately
2 "EK" reservoirs REV.2  (Largest size)
ThermalChill PA 120.3 Radiators x2
2 SLI NVidea 8800 GTX Video Cards
680i NForce Motherboard (EVGA)
Tygon clear lab tubing (16 feet total)
Yate Loon Fans 120mm (x6 total)
Samsung DVD write drives x2
Swiftech MCP655-B™ 12 VDC Pumps
5 "EK" water blocks for CPU, Motherboard and GPU’s
Thermaltake Toughpower 850w Power Supply
(2) Best Buy Geek Squad 875VA Battery Backups
22 Inch Samsung LCD Monitor (Widescreen)
Vista Home Premium"


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10 Responses to “Steampunk Frankenstein Computer”

  1. Daily Research » Shared Items - March 10, 2009 Says:

    […] Steampunk Frankenstein Computer […]

  2. tom and Says:

    omg i want one

  3. Billtard Says:

    For such an amazing work of SteamPunk art he had to go and add GREEN LEDS? other than that, it’s amazing.

  4. Josh Says:

    very eLABorate. 🙂 But, that’s not a computer. It’s a work of art. If only I could be that creative and have that much money!

  5. The voice in your head Says:

    Absolutely incredible. Do want.

  6. Pouncer Says:

    I’m not really into steampunk stuff, but that’s very impressive. *2 thumbs-up*

  7. Nick Says:

    I agree with Billtard… a shame about the LEDs, but I suppose they could be switched off.

    Each to his own steampunk.

  8. Daphne Says:

    Its amazing, geniously. Steam punk its soo hard to execute, works like this ahve to be exposed…

  9. Blair Says:

    Wow this is a killer build, one of a kind. I want to make my own build could you please give my any advice as to where I can get the right kind of metal parts or how to make them myself. Any additional info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I got to say this is the wickedest steampunk computer build I have seen!

  10. Variety Says:

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