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March 7, 2009

SmartSwitch – Hard to Operate when Using Lots of Power

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We have seen lots of intelligent methods of monitoring and curbing energy usage recently. The hacked Kill-a-Watt comes to mind. This SmartSwitch device is a prototype device that would allow you to feel how much energy you are using. If the light switch is hard to turn on that is because you are already using lots of energy and the internal brake is on. This would hopefully make you think about turning off some unnecessary lights in the house before attempting to turn on the light that was hard to operate. Thanks to people like Peter Russo and Brendan Wypich of  Stanford University for thinking outside the box to come up with cool ideas and solutions like this.

"SmartSwitch embeds intelligence into a traditionally simplistic device – the ordinary household light switch. With SmartSwitch, the mindless activity of flipping a switch becomes an informed decision. Equipped with a network connection and a brake pad, the switch provides its user with tactile feedback about the amount of energy being used either within their household or by the electrical grid as a whole."

Via: Slashgear