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March 5, 2009

Small 1U Gaming Computer

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I have come to deal with the fact that my computer systems will always live in large boxes that makes lots of noise and are an eyesore. This U1 computer changes that, it is the size of a power strip and can even hide under a printer. At first I thought that this mod was going to be a computer stuffed into the printer that is on the desk. If you want it you still have a few days for the Ebay auction.

"Here is my 1U mod (11D"x17W"x1.75H"). My goal was to fit a FULL POWER (yet silent and FULLY upgradeable) gaming desktop, in a case that is 0.18 cubic feet. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!"

Thanks for the tip Nick.


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15 Responses to “Small 1U Gaming Computer”

  1. Maigo Says:

    Wow, very nice compact build. Great lan box

  2. Killbox Says:

    How is it silent? every supermicro ive ever seen had alot of fan noise, and I see in your photos no less than 6 fans. (4 in the case, one in the ps and one on the cpu)

  3. Killbox Says:

    oh wait i missed 2 in the case, 8 fans

  4. Stu Says:

    Great build. I wonder where he got that PCI adapter that turns the gfx card round 90 degrees, thats the real stumbling block for anybody who wants to 1Uify their machines.
    I’m sure olde 1U servers are available on Ebay for a pittance that you could gut and re-populate yourself with monster gaming hardware.
    I doubt though this machine is very quiet what with all those fans.
    Which reminds me, I have a very old DEC/Compaq case the size of maybe a 28inch CRT television. Its got like a pentium chipset in there, 200mhz I think! The same cases used to be coloured blue and housed digital alpha hardware.
    Time to put a quad core in it methinks!

  5. Small 1U Gaming Computer | Product Reviews Says:

    […] The rest is here: Small 1U Gaming Computer […]

  6. X68K Says:

    the fans he used are sycthe 40mm fans, which are a sleeve bearing and are 3,000rpms. These are not the STOCK 40mm fans supermicro includes, which sound like a hairdryer.

  7. Yes, you can use ribbon risers with video cards « Gadget Blog Says:

    […] I’ve often wondered if using those cheap PCI risers with video cards will work–normally, such cards stick out perpendicular to the motherboard, making console-style gaming PCs hard to build. Alan Parekh wanted to go even further, stuffing the spec sheet into a 1U rackmount server enclosure. […]

  8. Nick Says:

    Here is a link to a video demonstrating the noise reference in comparison with a liquid cooled computer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjRB-QXbNb4

    Hope you enjoyed it, good luck if you decide to bid =)

  9. Mike Says:

    Hey Nick,
    I’ve seen the computer in action. It is silent, I didn’t even think about until he pointed it out. Great job Nick

  10. Chris Says:

    I know this is completely of subject but I like the wallpaper on your desktop. Where did you get it and could you send me a link so i can download it as it would look quite good on my desktop.

  11. nick Says:

    Chris, search google for “RubikOriginal1600.jpg” that should get you what you need =)

  12. Chris Says:

    Cheers nick that was perfect that is a great image it looks great. i got it in seconds it was at http://www.vasilisonline.gr/wallpapers/Others/RubikOriginal1600.jpg

    Thank you


  13. Rick Says:

    I am really surprised you don’t have a heat problem. Do you have external fans blowing on it or are you using water cooling?

  14. UK Gaming Computers Says:

    Does it look water cooled? 😉

    Anyway great build, have always fancied doing something myself for a media centre, im suprised you say it is quiet. Im impressed, thanks for sharing.

  15. Andy Hope Says:

    Just came across this site after a bit of googling. Thought of doing things like this myself for a hybrid gaming server / folding server except I ran into the problems of low power supplies for the server and lack of support for the fast memory and PCI controllers

    What’s the specs on this?

    Congrats on doing it btw.

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