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February 19, 2009

Audio Modulated Tesla Coils

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Here is another Audio Modulated Tesla Coil setup. Geeks are Sexy did an interview with the maker of the machine.

"In addition to the interview with one of the ArcAttack members, John DiPrima, that we’ve conducted for our series on crazy inventors and inventions, we’ve also made sure that you’ll be able to enjoy renditions of “Popcorn” and the “Doctor Who” theme via audio-modulated freakin’ thunder."


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4 Responses to “Audio Modulated Tesla Coils”

  1. gearomatic Says:

    Way awesome.

    Im curious as to what would happen if one send 2 notes to one of the coils at the same time….

  2. The voice in your head Says:

    The combined awesome would cause the universe to implode.

  3. vic Says:

    If I understand correctly, they’re using the Tesla coils as 1 bit DACs, turning them on and off at the frequency of the desired sound. I wonder if it would be possible to modulate them at a few hundreds of kilohertz and achieve higher sound resolution with PWM ?

  4. Volker Says:

    super Veranstaltung, aber seid Ihr nicht besorgt über die Elektonenbremsstrahlung (Röntgen-Strahlung)? Tragt Ihr Dosimeter dafür?
    this is fantastic. Did you otherwise think about the radiation?
    Do you use dosimeter to confirm your show don’t harm anybody? Yours faithfully, Volker

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