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February 17, 2009

Antitheft Suitcase using Motorola E-Field Sensor

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Having something stolen is one of the worst feelings, this Antitheft Suitcase design uses Motorola E-Field Sensor to combat theft by allowing you to enter in a code to disarm your bag.

"Loss or theft of suitcase during travel is a common occurance. It has recently happened to my dad also. This got me thinking. Also I have heard of jeweller suitcases that have alarms and also shocks a potential thief. A similar device can be implemented using an e-field sensor. This is much simpler than wiring the suitcase in any other way. There are 4 metal foil tabs, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. These are used as key pads to enter the arm/disarm codes. They are also wired to three e-field electrodes which is used instead of mechanical keys."


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4 Responses to “Antitheft Suitcase using Motorola E-Field Sensor”

  1. Mask Says:

    Imagine the face of the police officer at the airport seeing a suitcase with wires all around, duck tape and a batteries pack 😀

  2. Troy Farrell Says:

    I was just thinking that the TSA would have a fit when they saw such a suitcase. They’d pull the owner aside in a heartbeat. So much for enhanced security.

  3. BigD145 Says:

    Pull aside? They’d shoot you in a heartbeat. Any cop would, airport or no airport.

  4. » Suitcase Alarm, or Bomb? You Be The Judge! - Entropic Memes Says:

    […] links to a quite clever homemade suitcase security system with, unfortunately, a pretty high potential to be mistaken for a bomb. It’s not that this – […]

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