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February 16, 2009

Hacker gets 9 Million from WorldPay in 30 Minutes

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We have all seen the ATM scams where a card skimmer is placed in front of the ATM card slot so that some crooks can capture your card magnetic stripe data. Once they have the electronic data they are now able to duplicate your card. The only other thing that they need is your PIN, this is easy to get from someone looking over your shoulder or a covert camera. Have a look at how this old style hack works, make sure you hang onto your card at all times and protect your PIN by covering it with your hand! Watch the video below to see the old style of ATM scam.

This new scam took the ATM hack to the next level. A hacker actually got into the WorldPay system and was able to get enough information to clone cards and increase withdrawal limits. He then had people around the world use them in many machines. The entire hack was done in only half an hour. This is obviously totally illegal but I am thinking that the hacker should have been on the payroll of Worldpay to close the hole. Only problem would have been the slightly lower salary since right now he is used to making about $18 million per hour. 🙂



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12 Responses to “Hacker gets 9 Million from WorldPay in 30 Minutes”

  1. Acid Burn Says:


  2. Andre Says:

    in and out within 30 min with $9 million and no trace who did it, they should make a movie about it, this is reality movies always miss lead you that the bad guys always lose at the end.

  3. Pouncer Says:

    Well obviously those “cashers” aren’t feeling the pinch of the economy anymore.
    Also, I think it’s funny how they kept showing a “blurry hacker” in front of the computer typing, but the screen was clearly the windows advanced options loading page. ya know, “would you like to start windows: Normally; safemode; safemode with networking, command prompt.” That has to be my favorite part, because hackers absolutely all use windows right? lol
    I know someone who works for the RBS call center. I wonder how the phone calls will be tonight.

  4. MDL Interactive Says:

    Commenting on the second video, there are absolutely more methods to ‘skim’ a card, and even without need for a camera. I found a few skimming devices in the PIN paying terminals here in Holland, and the custom made boards housed a micro controller and some memory. One or two io ports where wired on the mag stripe reader, that passed the card information in plain serial to the paying terminal. Four other wires were connected to the PIN keypad, thus recording the key presses via the IO ports. The ‘skimmers’ then let themselves lock in the store overnight, and switched the terminals for identical onesso no one would suspect anything. Then they could copy the data onto blank cards and the rest was easy peasy..

  5. Maigo Says:


  6. gearomatic Says:

    anyone notice that at 2:26 of the 1st video, the guy was in the monitor options menu on the monitor?

    i guess changing your screen brightness is now part of the hacking procedure…

  7. The voice in your head Says:

    Heh, yeah, he was just typing away at the Windows startup screen (not even any feedback on the screen) and pulled up the monitor settings a couple times. Real 1337 stuff there.

  8. saken Says:

    Nobody talks that people are losing millions of dollads just because banks and shops do not want to invest in more secure methods of authentication. Banks have calculated that their losses from skimming are less that upgrades of technology. And of couse they do not care about customer problems at all.. Damn even simple chip cards reduce a possibility of scamming!

  9. eczema treat Says:

    yeah, I actually have to give hats off to this guy for pulling this off. I hope he’s never caught. Although, I do feel bad for people who had their money stolen and know it was probably a huge pain for them to get it back.

    but as was mentioned above: HACK THE PLANET :-X

  10. marks256 Says:

    I do not agree with what they did, but MAN DID THEY DO A GOOD JOB! 😮

    As to gearomatic – that is hillarious! 😀 I went back in the video, and sure enough – he’s in the monitor settings 😀

  11. mikheil Says:

    9 million is nothing it will be for us like a lessen

  12. square Says:

    Stealing is fun!

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