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February 13, 2009

Monster DIY Class A Amp

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When you see an amp of this size your mind is automatically filled with the thoughts of huge power. This is not necessarily true though, in this case the amp is a modest 30 watt per channel system. None of the standard consumer amps operate class A since they are not very efficient. The attention to detail and final look is quite amazing. Schematics are provided so that you could make your very own if you desired.

"My version of the Jean Hiraga Super Class-A Amplifier is running at a bias of about 1.65A @ 35V resulting in about 58W of continuous dissipation per transistor in the output stage (just over 1/3 their rating of 150W). As you can imagine, the heat sink runs quite hot, approximately 40 Celsius (100F) above room temperature. "


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5 Responses to “Monster DIY Class A Amp”

  1. RJSC Says:

    An intensional WASTE of Energy?
    This is a crime agains the planett!

  2. gio Says:

    Hi Alan, thanks for posting! Power was measured clean to 58W per side. Most commercial units are Class AB and actually operate in Class A for the first watt or two.

    @RJSC don’t look up single-ended class A amplifiers or vacuum tubes!

  3. Stephan Bulgakov Says:

    nice especilly that it has no double or triple output devices and is modified for more power {although it still has two

  4. Stephan Bulgakov Says:

    I do know now that two rails {power} means no output capacitor Which is also good , by the way first listen , then talk

  5. C Wilson Says:

    Reminds me of my Musical Fidelity A1, bought in the mid 80s. The heatsink ran so hot, you could heat small rooms with it. Still going strong, still sounding great.

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