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February 11, 2009

Suzuk-E – Suzuki Electric Bike Motor Cooling and Gauges

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The next installment of the Suzuki Electric Bike Build is up for our enjoyment. You probably remember that last time the motor was getting rebuilt.There is lots of progress being made and as usual there is a video that will take you along the process. Hopefully it will open your eyes to some creative part building techniques. Below is just a bit of the experimentation that was needed to make the custom duct that is used to cool the motor.

"Some PVC 4" sewer pipe, resin, fiber glass cloth, 1/8" hobby plywood, steel strapping, a pair of matching 12Vdc fans, and some cardboard (pop cases) to make templates. It was tricky to mold the manifold against the motor to approximate the angle of air-flow relative to the slot. It had to be done twice, because I used engine oil on the surface of the motor to act as a releasing agent. But the end result was that the resin couldn’t harden, as if the oil was a neutralizer on the catalyst. The second attempt was successful by masking the CLEAN motor surface with Duct Tape."


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4 Responses to “Suzuk-E – Suzuki Electric Bike Motor Cooling and Gauges”

  1. KickF Says:

    hate to sound like a critic ,but I would hate see you suck air filled with sand and other nasty things into the motor that you did so much hard work on rewiring. Would invest in some air filters of some kind just to be on the safe side.

  2. FrankG Says:


    Good point!!!

    Everything is open for change/improvement, it wouldn’t take much to even slide an
    old pair of the wife’s nylons over the fan for now…



  3. jackin Says:

    It is really fantastics owrk and I enjoy the video and really it is great creativity done.

  4. Suzuk-E - Suzuki Electric Bike Gear Casting using CNC and Foam - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] the next step of the Suzuki Electric Bike build. You may remember the last step which was the making of the gauge package. I found this process very interesting since I have recently purchased a CNC kit which I will be […]

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