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February 8, 2009

RC Controlled Propeller Powered Skateboard

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Here is a cool RC Controlled Propeller Powered Skateboard. I am impressed at how quick Ryan Bavetta from Crazy Builders was able to put it together. Watch the time lapse video below to watch the 4 hour build progress a plank of wood and some parts into one of the coolest DIY skateboards I have ever seen! There is also some build details over at Instructables.

"It took approximately four hours of building time to complete the build spread over four days as I gathered parts and finalized the design between steps. The build was straightforward and mostly consisted of strapping an overpowered model airplane engine onto a plank and attaching skateboard wheels."

Via: Zedomax and The Daily Hack


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17 Responses to “RC Controlled Propeller Powered Skateboard”

  1. Andre Says:

    wow. simple and impresive at the same time

  2. Ethan Says:

    Honestly… how is a simple home dc electric fan able to move 70kg?

  3. Maigo Says:

    Why is he sanding? that’s what routers are for

  4. KickF Says:

    [quote]# Ethan Says:
    February 8th, 2009

    Honestly… how is a simple home dc electric fan able to move 70kg?

    DC motor ? … looks like it runs on fuel for me 😛 … looks like a 4,5 Bhp RC motor that they use in model airplanes 🙂 Those can give quite a push 🙂

    I don`t get it with the remote control thou … he gona stand on it, so a wired hand held controller would do fine 🙂 Another thing is it`s just stupid not to have breaks on it. Should have some sort of fail safe, so he falls of the skateboard breaks will kick in. Can`t have that thing there fly of on it`s own just because he fell of it. Cut up some poor kid or something. And the unprotected backside to the propeller ? … Come one … this is just a hafe done project … as it is now it just to unsafe, and need more work before I would call it project done.

  5. Daily Research » Shared Items - February 8, 2009 Says:

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  6. London Says:

    wow, that’s one powerful motor

    but I’d have to agree with KickF, the wireless control seems pointless if you’re going to ride it anyway, and the cage needs to cover the back of the propeller too.

    other than that, wicked build!

  7. Ryan Bavetta Says:

    Hey, thanks for the comments. The servo was the best/easiest way to change the very sensitive throttle position on the engine, and allowed me to hold a throttle position with no hands on the control. I could have used a wired controller, but to interface to the servo I would probably have to make a servo controller, not to mention a control interface (perhaps a rotary pot, or other, in a box). I found it much easier to use the built-in functionality of the RC gear, which is very useful for many other fun projects as well – so not a waste of $.

    Please email me if you have any questions (bavetta@crazybuilders.com) or post on the message board at crazybuilders.com!

  8. frodus Says:

    What about cooling? Normally those engines are right in the airflow of a plane, if they’re on a swamp boat RC, they’re still backwards, but in the path of the airflow… his legs are in the way…. and he’s going pretty high throttle just to get moving.

  9. Multi-Monitor Says:

    Not quite as good as the one in Back to the Future! Ha!

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  11. Doktorsblog Says:


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  12. ReLe Says:

    Wow. No protection at the back. Slip your fingers there and they are gone.

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  16. Jerry Jones Says:

    Seems like that may blow a lot of wind on passer bys but it looks like a lot of fun.

  17. Max 7 Says:

    Hi I am max this looks great , how did you make it …?…can you tell me

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