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February 4, 2009

Laser Pup – Internet Enabled Dog Toy

at 5:32 pm. Filed under Complex Hacks, Electronic Hacks


This is a cool way to remotely drive your pet crazy! Turn on the lights and fly a laser dot around the room making your pet run around from across the world (or at least from the office). That is what is possible with Laser Pup.

Thanks Lynn.

"So what is LaserPup? It is not a dog with a laser beam attached to his head, as cool as that would be. In its simplest form it is an internet enabled dog toy. I have created a small device that mounts in the ceiling of my basement where my dog likes to play. It is comprised of two servos, a buzzer, and a laser pointer. The servos move the laser pointer around on the floor, alleviating the need for my arms to do it myself. Because really, there is nothing more exhausting than sitting on the couch watching TV while your dog chases the laser around the floor. The buzzer is used to notify the dog that it is time to play, and also that play time is over."