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February 1, 2009

iPhone using ioBridge to Monitor and Control Fish Tank

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It seems that this ioBridge module is getting quite popular. I haven’t played with one yet but I have already seen a cool iPod Touch controlled shooting range built with it, a toaster that is connected to Twitter, machine to feed your dog a treat through the internet and many more items every month. The video above is a by Pete from WaveJam Technologies, he has used an ioBridge to control his fish tank lights, video camera and pirate chest using an iPhone. He can watch the live feed on the iPhone and press soft buttons on the iPhone to interact with the tank. I look forward to see what is made next with this ioBridge.


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8 Responses to “iPhone using ioBridge to Monitor and Control Fish Tank”

  1. eczema Says:

    This looks like something I need to try. I’d love to be able to control house lights from my iphone if I know I’m going to be home late.

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  6. Andy Says:

    Hi I wanted to find out if there was a way to use iPhone or iTouch as an external monitor for a video camera?

  7. roy Says:

    Is the webcam feed via another computer or the iobridge? Or perhaps is it one with a web server built in?

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