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January 30, 2009

Guess the Price Contest 2

at 11:06 pm. Filed under Contests


Above is an ad that is quite old, the source and date will not be given to add to the challenge. Thanks to M80 for providing the prize this week. This contest will run for one week (Jan 31 – Feb 5, 2009) . Ending time is based on central standard time. To enter, leave a comment with your best guess of the item price.

If you know the source or date of the ad please do not provide it in the comments.

The winner will the guess that is the closest to the actual price, if there is more than one correct guess a random selection will be used to decide on which of the correct guesses will win.


Added February 10, 2009

The price to guess was  $241.50 and $263, shown below.

The winner is Frank (comment 22)


Below is a picture of the prize, thanks to M80 for donating it.



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48 Responses to “Guess the Price Contest 2”

  1. Dual Monitor Says:

    I’d say about $180

  2. kayne001 Says:

    I’d say $263 with motor.
    and $241.50 without.

  3. chris judevine Says:

    Okay here’s my guess $241.50 less motor 263.00 with motor.

  4. chris judevine Says:

    man someone beat me to it,
    when I started the previous post only one other person had submitted.
    I wonder if they know you can find all the old issues of this magazine on line.

  5. Matt Crawford Says:

    $241.50 (less motor), $263 (with motor)

  6. Matt Says:

    I’d give $263 with motor and $241.50 without :>

  7. Pavel Says:

    I’d say $24,8 with motor.
    and $19.8 without.

    based on previous, price at that time was completly different. “Good old times”:-)

  8. Majus Says:

    I suggest the price is $2,69 without and $2,99 with motor!
    Kinda cheap…

  9. Soren Says:

    I would have to say $241.50 less motor and $263 with motor.

  10. neurofun Says:

    $241.50 less motor
    $263.00 with motor

  11. necercis Says:

    I guess:
    without motor $241.50
    with $263

  12. jef Says:

    $241.50 without and $263 with motor

  13. Jymbo Says:

    $241.50 less motor
    $263.00 with motor

  14. Alex Says:

    I’d guess 60 with motor, 45.50 without

  15. Alex Says:

    No, more rather like 6,99 and 4,95$, don’t count my first one.

  16. tammy Says:

    I think $15.00 without motor

  17. Kt Says:

    I think these recent contests are too easy, Google makes it too easy and the people who actually guess will always lose to people who know how to use a search engine and google’s online book collection.

  18. Kevin Says:

    the ad says “$241.50 less motor or $263.00 with motor”

  19. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Kt,

    I am going to have to find something that Google has never seen…

  20. Mbarry Says:

    I guess

    $263.0 With Motor
    $241.50 Without Motor

  21. james bronson Says:


  22. Frank Says:

    $241.50 without and $263 with motor

  23. Frank Says:

    Maybe picking out an old catalog from the library or a collector?

  24. Pavel Says:

    Actualy for first contest I used Google too. But more fun is guess without help. And who is addicted to google for everything, it is not my problem.

    Maybe things from old Europe, will be more hard to find, on Google.

  25. eczema Says:

    without motor, $439
    with motor, $595

  26. eczema Says:

    i change my answer, lol, i just read all of the comments above. $241.50 without a motor, $263 with the motor.

  27. Vintagepc Says:

    Heck, you don’t even need google- just wait a few days and see what most people say for their answer.
    (BTW, $263 w/motor, $241.50 without)

  28. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi VintagePC,

    Very true, I wasn’t expecting this outcome… I was going for the price is right feel where the guesses are all over the place with only a few that are close. I think with an ad from a source that Google has not seen it will work better.

  29. Thijs Says:

    ctrl-c/v: $263 w/motor, $241.50 without 😉

  30. mdhomer Says:

    $263 with motor & $241.50 without

  31. Frank Says:

    How about the reverse? Just a thought.
    Members can submit a number of pics for you. You can post, oh say a dozen at a time, and show them to folks. (maybe only give us one day to submit them to you. Then you can keep the extras as a database of “tough to google” items.
    The rest of us try and find thier prices over the course of a week. The toughest item to price is the winner! Wether that’s the last one or the one not priced. Of course, they’ll have to give you the price on the ad.
    Keeps it fun for those of us who like a challenge. A challenge for those who are good at googling, and a challenge to those who like to stump people.
    Again, just trying to help out.

  32. Daksport99 Says:

    My guess is $99.95

  33. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Frank,

    That is a good idea to keep in the back pocket. I think that next I will try something like a showcase showdown (lots of items, and the combined price is needed).

  34. Frank Says:

    Cool idea!
    Do I win a complimentary multi-meter for my amazing idea?

  35. skullker Says:

    $241.50 less motor or $263.00 with motor

  36. Jesse Says:

    $241.50 (less motor), $263 (with motor)

  37. Vintagepc Says:

    Heck… if I had a multimeter for every idea I had… well, I’d have a lot of multimeters 😀
    I figured the ‘Price is right’ idea was what this was going for, but all in all, it’s not too different from the guess-the-gadget contests.

  38. Vintagepc Says:

    Oh, and Thijs, since you copied/pasted my answer, if you win, you owe me one 4 GB flash drive 😀

  39. Buick455 Says:

    $241.50 without motor
    $263.00 with motor

  40. Shinyshoes Says:

    $241.50 Less Motor
    $263.00 With Motor

  41. Jonathan Says:

    562.00 w/o motor and 645.000 with motor. – sold!

  42. Curtis Says:

    $263 with motor
    $241.50 without

  43. mkeyFinn Says:

    $241.50 w/o motor and 263.00 with motor, though I would just jack a rebuild B&G 5hp and save myself 20 bucks.

  44. FRank Says:

    $241.50 less motor
    $263.00 with motor

  45. Chris that computerguy Says:

    $100.00 with motor
    $85.00 without motor

  46. Mbarry Says:

    My guess is:
    $241.50 Without a motor
    $263.00 With the motor

  47. AntiBNI Says:

    Like $110.00 with motor
    and $86.00 without motor.

  48. Alan Parekh Says:

    Winner has been announced.

    Next time we do one of these guess the price contests it will need to be much harder. Google seems to be a bit too good. 🙂

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