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January 28, 2009

Motion Controlled MP3 Player

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This small MP3 cube is a masterpiece in prototyping. An engineer from Japan who runs the Electronics Live Mfg (ELM) Website built this interesting concept device. I think some of the modern cell phones and possible some of the newer MP3 players already have this functionality but it is impressive to see one built from scratch. Simply rotate and tap in the direction you want to move within the list of songs, I am sure it would be simple to add a vigorous shake to pick a random song.

"The MP3 player does not have any buttons nor dials that shown in right photo and it has an acceleration sensor instead of the mechanical switches. Therefore all playback commands to the player are given in defined motions, such as inclination, tilt and shock. The player detects the motion with the built-in acceleration sensor and recognize it as a playback control command."