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January 27, 2009

Shoot your Alarm Clock with Gun O’Clock

at 1:02 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, Funny Hacks


The Gun O’Clock product reminds me of the Phaser Blasted Alarm Clock that was featured in Make volume 8. Kipkay also did a weekend project based on it. There are so many cool clocks, I wonder which one works the best? I hope you can do math in your sleep with this math clock, or can run fast if you have a Clocky. There is some strange allure with these cool clocks, although I haven’t purchased or built any of them. Well other than the Fire Alarm Bell Clock but that was just crazy and not practical.

I think a random clock would be interesting. It could waken you with music one day, it could open the blinds next, then how about a squirt of water, mabey IR LED to turn on the TV. There are some cool posibilities…