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January 26, 2009

DIY Simple Hydrogen Generator

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Green Power Science has made a simple DIY Hydrogen Generator. The thought was that it would be run from the alternator in your car and the Hydrogen would be pumped into the engine for combustion. I am no expert but I think the energy used to create the gas would be much greater than the energy that would be produced when burning the gas. What would be interesting though is to have a large scale hydrogen generator in your garage running from solar energy and a means of using it in your car.

CAUTION – Before attempting this experiment please read comment 4 since it could be hazardous to your health if not performed with some precautions.


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52 Responses to “DIY Simple Hydrogen Generator”

  1. steve Says:

    Car alternator lets say 100 amps x 12 volts = 1200 watts 1 hp = 746 watts
    so not even 2 hp @ max output.
    not even considering the ineffeciency of the alternator.
    so you have created less than 2 hp of electricity. And used more than 2 hp worth of gasoline to turn the alternator.
    use that to create hydrogen which is gonna create more than 2 hp of heat energy.
    No way jose! (hose a)

    I would like for him to atomise a teaspoon of gasoline and light it in that rig!

  2. John Says:

    Have read everyone’s comments and got a bit of information from almost all of them the main goal of my research is free energy the big picture is our environment if the car companies really cared we are cars coming out with bigger engines and a handful of 3 cylinder hippie cars with no practical value at all exceptions do exist of course
    I have an old datsun 1982 model only uses power for coil and lights and i believe I can get the reactor to work if you use 2 ss plates rolled up like a coil efficiency must improve just need a plan to keep a gap of 1mm throughout
    my plan is to remove petrol entirely and if one reactor is not enough then 2 or 3 and since the petrol tank will be full of water it makes sense to connect it to cooling system obviously after descaling and no antifreeze and since where i live never really cold this can work for me(south africa)and extra 65 liters of water will never overheat
    feel free to comment as i don’t want to blow myself up
    or my car

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