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January 25, 2009

Atari 2600 Hack

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If you still want to relive your Atari 2600 game playing days and simply modding your Atari 2600 controller isn’t enough then why not bring back the entire console by hacking it into a new form factor and use a new LCD screen on it? That is exactly what Kyo did, have a look at all the build details here.

"It is true, you have heard me. I am making an Atari Jr. 2600 (PAL) portable Why? -I had a board available -I’m using a PSOne screen anyway, so it can be a little bigger without contributing to additional size but most of all, -Challenge"


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2 Responses to “Atari 2600 Hack”

  1. frast Says:

    Way cool!

  2. easy google review Says:

    I definitely need to revive my 2600. It’s been sitting idle for way too long.

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