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January 15, 2009

Beehive Monitoring System – PIC32 Microcontroller Based

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We had a number of beehives on our farm years ago. Monitoring the health of the hives was a big job and when neglected could spell disaster. This Beehive Monitoring System could mean the end of that problem. Have a look below for a short list of system features.

"This project provides a means to monitor honeybee health parameters in a hive, to allow efficient bee management and research on the quality of the colony.
Functional areas monitored by the PIC32 are:
• Outside the hive ambient conditions
• Inside the hive environmental conditions
• Health of the hive (brood size and bee traffic)
• Bee behavior for swarm management, detection / prevention
• Honey production
• Security of the hive
• Self diagnostics (temperature and voltage levels of the system controller, and functionality of sensors throughout the beehive)
There are some hive environmental conditions that can be controlled such as:
• Ventilation
• Temperature (heat or cool)"


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6 Responses to “Beehive Monitoring System – PIC32 Microcontroller Based”

  1. Daily Research » Shared Items - January 15, 2009 Says:

    […] Beehive Monitoring System – PIC32 Microcontroller Based […]

  2. Jack Says:

    It’s always cool reading about how someone solved a practical problem in a creative manner (although, I would have used Atmel chips personally [Just trying to start a war here]). I liked the very descriptive writeup for the contest entry. Hope they do well in the contest, but even more I hope his research pans out. Could help the world a lot if more people took time to develop tools like this to further our understanding of the problems our world faces.

  3. don Says:

    Just looking for informtaion. Might want to discuss and review. What was the outcome of your experiment? Do you have any base line information to compare? Were you able to make any changes based on your efforts? Do you have any interest in expanding research?

  4. Avram Says:

    Alan, did you build this device? What are you using for sensors like hive weight, inside temp, etc? Can you provide more details?

  5. Seth Says:

    We are commercial bee keepers. I am interested in your device. Could you please send me some more info. seth@zelande.co.nz

    Cheers Seth

  6. Avram Says:

    How in the world did you/they do Varrora mite counting electronically?

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