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January 13, 2009

Wii Balance Board controlled Labyrinth Game

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Jestin Stoffel and Vince Thompson of the CCCKC have created a cool Wii Balance Board controlled Labyrinth Game which uses an Arduino microcontroller to handle some of the interface.

"Currently the game is using two servos and an Arduino to turn the knobs that move the game surface. I bought my Labyrinth game at a Tuesday Morning store for less than $10. The servos were about $10 each and my Arduino cost around $30. I often use the AdaFruit BoArduinos in the robotics workshops I teach which cost $17.50 so that could reduce the overall cost to build this project."

Via: Nowhereelse


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13 Responses to “Wii Balance Board controlled Labyrinth Game”

  1. Pouncer Says:

    LOL, I remember these being tough with using your hands. I can’t imagine using your body on the Wii balance board. Very cool though!

  2. Wii Balance Board Controls Labyrinth Says:

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  3. kaptin Says:

    I bet a drunk could master it in no time :]

  4. JerichoHM Says:

    I love the idea. Probably one of the better wii hacks so far. I wish I could see it in action
    but like most of the stuff by the time I get to it… The YouTube video is no longer available.

    I miss out on so many vids :(. Well CCCKC guys… keep up the interestingly good work.

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi JerichoHM,

    I agree, it is nice and creative! The video seems to be working again.

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  8. Lauro Says:

    How did you managed to get the Balance board coordinates? I want to do some stuff using it, but I didn’t hack my balance board yet (beginner on it)…

  9. Wii Balance Board Controlled Labrtynth Game Hack! | We Know Wii Says:

    […] just discovered a great post at Hacked Gadgets Forum that shows the old Labrynth game, but hacked to be controlled by a Wii Balance Board.  […]

  10. zkel Says:

    hi there..
    m a very curious boy..
    wel i wanna create my own line following robot..
    i have a couple of ideas but d problem is i dont know
    how does it work.
    specialy the sensors.
    i dunno how it senses the line to follow
    and how it turns
    basically i realy have no idea wen it comes to the sensors
    pls help me..
    my school wont just support my idea
    pls help
    here’s my email

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Zkel,

    I would suggest a kit that is designed to work if you are at the early learning stage. It will be much easier and less frustrating working towards your goal.

    Here is a line following robot kit from Parallax


    It is designed for this robot:

    It is a bit of money but there are many things you can learn from this platform since it will not just be a line following robot.

    This page also has a good explanation of how a basic line following robot works:

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  13. gil_klar Says:

    i’m currently working on a similar idea, scaled up to 6-by-6 ft.

    the interesting part is that the Wii-BB-controlled-labyrinth idea just hit me one day, and i thought i was really original, till i found this post…

    since i’m not much of a software person (i’m more into assembler-hardware-welding-carpentry stuff) i wonder if i can put my hands on the Wii balance board interface program, instead of trying to find an expert, or even worse – have to learn it by myself.



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