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January 10, 2009

Granite Speakers

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If you are looking for the best speakers for your heavy metal these Granite Speakers would not be the correct selection, but if you need some speakers to blast your hard rock music then read on. 🙂 Most of the work I have done has been with wood, I can’t imagine the time it would take to work with rock.

"Box dimensions 220 x 350 x 250 mm. Box material 20 mm thick black granite (Nero Assoluto). Weight 35 kg.
Bass reflex enclosure tuned to 45 Hz. Volume 15 L.
Input power 80W. Sensitivity 87.5 dB. Transmission bandwidth 40Hz – 20kHz. Impedance 6 ohm.  "


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15 Responses to “Granite Speakers”

  1. ellisgl Says:

    Reminds of the concrete speaker boxes. http://propirate.net/betonboxen/

  2. mykeyFinn Says:

    How’s the granite take the internal vibration? I thought the reason you used wood was for just that reason? Not that these aren’t cool in a big way though.

  3. ellisgl Says:

    Wood is used because it’s cheap, easy to work with and lighter. The reason to use granite (or concrete in my previous post) is that it’s dense. Most speaker enclosures are made with MDF because of the density of the material. The density equate to the amount of bulge or bow that would happen with with lower frequencies. If a box bows or bulges, then the lower frequencies will not reproduce as well and will end up sounding “muddy”. Also speaker boxes are also usually filled with Fiber Glass or poly stuffing to help with that issue.

  4. gio Says:

    For hard rock music … cute!

    @ellisgl thanks for the link.

  5. Jack Says:

    These look beutiful! Bet they’re a pain to move around, though.

  6. Fiska Says:

    @ellisgl know of any English speaking people who have made these? Interesting they mini rebar inside… concrete can be pretty brittle. Another reason I think MDF is used is because it has a homogeneous composition, so it has more consistent properties since it isn’t as affected by temperature and humidity.

  7. Alex Says:

    A lot of work has gone into it, and the end result is awesome. Though some weels would have helped. Still, no chance of them being stolen.

  8. ellisgl Says:

    @Gio: No problem. I would love to make a set of concrete speakers. Of course living in an apartment on the second floor would totally limit me on moving them.

    @Fiska: Use google translate or babelfish. As for someone having done the same thing that speaks/writes english, I have not seen any. Actually, MDF is horrible with humidity from my past experiences. It acts like a big sponge if in a humid climate more so than like plywood, but plywood tends to bow/bulge easily.

    On a side note, I would love make some electro-static speakers.

    My dad purchased a pair of old RadioShack electro static speakers and they sound awesome (well nothing compared to a pair of Martin Logans..).

  9. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the great links ellisgl. I am not sure why electrostatic speakers never took off? I guess it might have been the size. Or were they not as good as planer speakers (which never really took off either anyway).

  10. Granite Says:

    Very interesting post you wrote. Glad I have stumbled upon it. Cheers!

  11. Nick Says:

    Nice Konig granite blade. The best in the stone fabrication industry!! Ive seen curved speakers made from Ceaserstone, which is a man made material composed of 93% quartz and 7% resin. They sound fantastic.

  12. Rock Radio - Radio made from a Block of Cement - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] Rock Radio would be a good match for the Granite Speakers that we saw before. What would be real cool would be a full set of components that were encased in […]

  13. Rock Radio – Radio made from a Block of Cement | Gadget Nomad Says:

    […] Rock Radio would be a good match for the Granite Speakers that we saw before. What would be real cool would be a full set of components that were encased in […]

  14. MartinTatham. Says:

    Just in the event anyone is interested, I am a stonemason who just happens to have made a pair of floor standing four way speakers. They have 22 carat gold pressurized domed tweeters. Two five inch mid range carbon fibre drivers, one eight inch base driver.
    They sound awesome
    Any one interested in purchasing a pair should send me specifications via e-mail

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    Hi MartinTatham
    I”m in the UK and would like to talk to you about getting a pair of granite speakers made. If you could contact me please
    01639 766583 UK

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