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January 9, 2009

Crazy Network Wiring Jobs

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When you are working towards a tight deadline corners are sometimes cut. When a past project is working (no mater how poorly) it often gets overlooked and is never allotted any future time. I am guilty of doing this myself in the past leaned very quickly that the job needs to be done the right way the first time. I am not sure about the history of these Crazy Network Wiring Jobs but WOW are they overrun!



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21 Responses to “Crazy Network Wiring Jobs”

  1. Formas de levar técnicos à loucura Says:

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  2. OmarTrader Says:

    Jeez, just looking at those makes me angry, bloody slackers making everyones job harder just because they didnt feel like whipping out the crimping tool and some velcro straps.

  3. Bryce Says:

    So Much for putting a little pride into your work. I would never let my wiring get that bad I’m too lazy to do it a second time.

  4. Mr. Maigo Says:

    only if: http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g190/mrmaigo/1211601771869.jpg

  5. Not the best at keeping wires nice and neat? Well don't feel bad, neither are we. | Gizmander Says:

    […] VIA hackedgadgets […]

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Miago,

    That job looks fantastic! What is it? A huge grounding grid?

  7. The voice in your head Says:

    OH DEAR GOD. I bet if you ran a high enough current through that first one, you’d have a big enough electromagnet to wipe every device in the city.

  8. Pouncer Says:

    Good heavens that’s a networking nightmare! I get dizzy every time I see that first pic.

  9. mykeyFinn Says:

    I’m not sure if I’m looking at a network stack or The Flying Spaghetti Monster. I’ve done some quick and nasty cabling jobs but the first one takes the cake. The second one looks like my old Highschool networking closet before I got ahold of it and redid the damn thing. Walkie talkies and a light bulb tester at the other end going “Is it there?, OK how about there?” for two weeks.

  10. Cgbs Says:

    That’s older then the internet

  11. Chris Rouse Says:

    How about a network cab contest? who has the tidiest, cabs like Mr. Maigo example or has the wring nightmare from the first image, and you never know it may force me to tidy my comms cab.

  12. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks. That is an interesting idea, I will have to give it some thought.

  13. Cabeamento??? já tentou alguma vez? « void main(void){} ??? Says:

    […] obs: imagens retiradas de Hacked Gadgets […]

  14. ellisgl Says:

    @Mr. Maigo: That’s what I call a pro install. Of course the zip’s need to be cut…

  15. ellisgl Says:

    One thing you don’t see much anymore is wire lacing. I knew one person that could do it..

  16. Fritz Says:

    That first one is insane. The yellow ‘cabling’ I’m familiar with is generally fiber optic, but I don’t see photo credits or links to where these images were swiped from.

  17. marc Says:

    I’ve been working with those suckers… Made my work (field support) a living hell! like 2 hours to find the right plug (when it is marked right, when it is logically marked)Too bad I trashed my pictures (bad memories)…

  18. rich Says:

    the first picture is of a datacenter that was owned by lehman brothers in the world trade center. all of the cabling is copper. and it took forever jsut to patch or find a cable.

  19. Bobby Says:

    Looks like the cables are holding the router in the last pic.

  20. joel Says:

    I love these jobs, if they where done like this in my area where I live these it guys would be fired. Just because you maybe A full licensed IT guy, dies not give you the right to do it the wrong way. Even if it does takes one or two extra hrs of work you need to do it right the first time. The word of mouth by contract is key in keeping your job in the long run.

  21. Not Very User Friendly - 3reef Forums Says:

    […] Nope. This link will give you an idea of what the wires are like after opening the unit. Crazy Network Wiring Jobs – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog […]

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