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January 6, 2009

LED Plant Grow Box

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If you are wanting to grow some plants indoor on a budget have a look at this LED Plant Grow Box idea. The LEDs look similar to the 10mm White LEDs that we sell but unfortunately ours don’t get marked down 80% off after Christmas. 🙁

If LEDs aren’t for you have a look at the other grow box that is shown at the The Cheap Vegetable Gardener, for $20 you can’t go wrong.

"The light needs to be close to the newly emerging seedlings, but can’t be burning the more mature plants growing into it. My solution to this problem is a LED storage container grow box. With this I will have a portable seeding area and since LEDs practically emit no heat the plants can literally touch the lights without problems. At that time I move them to a larger grow box where it can continue to grow and start more seedlings."


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11 Responses to “LED Plant Grow Box”

  1. Capdiamont Says:

    Do these emit the right color light?

  2. Bryan Ribas Says:

    The white spectrum includes all colors. Red for flowering/fruiting and blue vegetative. I have done some grow experiments with LEDs and it does work but it is not really practical compared to HID lighting. My experiment had 10 Red and 10 Blue high power LEDs. I used it to sprout some seedling but after they where about 4″ tall I moved them. LEDs are not there yet but it is coming along.

    Here is another experiment that I have been watching. They are on their 6th grow. They tried white LEDs because it has all the spectrum but they went back to red and blue because that’s all the plant really needs. Check it out its is some cool stuff and they are nice enough to show the progress of their testing.

    FYI the link is borderline NSFW. The experiment is taking place “somewhere in Amsterdam” I’m sure you can put two and two together:


  3. Hydroponic DIY - How to Make an LED Plant Growing Box! | zedomax.com - The DIY, HOW TO, Hacks, Gadgets, and Tech Blog/Search Engine! Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets […]

  4. Capdiamont Says:

    I’m thinking it doesn’t include all colors, but rather peaks in red, blue, and yellow. Infrared isn’t included. IE I don’t think while led’s produce full spectrum light. Though I have no led grow light experience.

    Interesting experiment, with the red and blue. I have to wonder about other colors though, or if the specific wavelength of red, etc matters.

  5. techno blogger Says:

    I like the idea. it’s look like real green plant. I’ll try it someday.

  6. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Capdiamont, If you take a look at the post below you can see what the white LED color spectrum looks like. As you can see is mainly blue light but does cover various ranges of spectrum. If flowering is required switch to using red LEDs in this implementation this is intentionally for small seedlings (pre flowering) though using a larger tub you could grow larger plants. Maybe white LEDs on top, red on the side turning on each as appropriate. Or simply swap out lids.


  7. jamie Says:

    great idea to use the christmas lights, no wiring/soldering/power-supply needed and easy to hotglue into place.

  8. divX burner Says:

    why don’t you use bare naked Laser diode instead, it will not burn the plants if Laser Diode is not inside of Laser Module(Lens).

  9. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi divX,

    Interesting idea. Never seen that done before. What do these non-focused laser diodes cost?

  10. divX burner Says:


    4 white Led
    54 red Led
    15 blue Led

    in series connection, each Led 3 volts
    4 + 54 + 15 = [73 Led * 3 volts] = (220volts – 219Led_Volts)

    but we need one
    Red Laser diode (4.5 v 200mW) , one Blue Laser Diode (4.5v 1000mW).
    Laser Diode is more power full than a regular Light Emitting Diode.

    amplification by box mirrors.

  11. divX burner Says:

    you can get that diodes from Old DVD players and Burners, i got 1 Red Laser Diode, and 1 infrared Laser diode.

    but my mother and father stop my work. they say it is a waste of time.

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