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January 3, 2009

Robot Snow Removal Ideas

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Many of us are currently battling the elements. Clearing snow is a necessary task but it doesn’t have to be tiring. 🙂 There are many contraptions that allow us to use technology to give us a hand. Here are a few interesting ideas that I am sure will catch on…

The one pictured above and in the video is autonomous but I think there is still room for some good remote control designs such as the picture below.



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9 Responses to “Robot Snow Removal Ideas”

  1. Ben Wardill Says:

    I think i’d rather shovel snow myself than pay $8000 to get a robot to do it. Saying that snow isn’t a problem here and if you are clearing snow everyday it could come in handy. Good idea about the ice blocks being recyclable though.

  2. keith Says:

    Its a winter version of Wall-e

  3. Haku Says:

    Here’s a link to the video without a god-awful advert pop-up that obscures what you’re trying to actually watch:


  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Haku,

    Which ad is popping up for you? I wonder if it is a screen resolution issue, this site is best viewed at 1024X768 (or larger).

  5. Ben Wardill Says:

    an ad popped up when i watched it as well. its was embedded within the video and had to be clicked off before I could see the video unobscured

  6. Haku Says:

    Hm, strange. Since first posting the embedded video window has grown in size, previously it was 1/2 to 2/3 it’s current size and the pop-up advert at took up the bottom 1/4 of the video, obscuring most of the robot.

    Anyway, about the robot, it’s been a year since that video first appeared and I would have liked them to produce a newer video of it actually making the snow/ice bricks instead of the slideshow they’ve given us.

  7. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Haku,

    I did modify the code to increase the size of the video. The previous size was the default size. I have played the video in Firefox and IE, I still can’t seem to get the ad to display. Or are you talking about the box that shows the name of the video when it starts and when it is paused? If that is the one you are seeing I am not sure why it isn’t going away for you, on my side it only shows for about a second.

    You may want to check on your version of Flash. Other than that I am out of ideas…

  8. Chris B. Says:

    Roofus was cool until I realized he was imaginary.

  9. RoBo Blower - Remote Controlled Snow Blower - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] might remember the  Snow Removal Robot that we featured here last year. Well now there’s another snow blower to add to the snow […]

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