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December 31, 2008

DIY Computer Monitor LED Backlight

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Thanks to Astia for sending in this LED backlight project, I think this is the perfect way to add a festive touch to your computer system.

"The whole project consists of architectural strip RGB controlled LED’s … After several meters of the strip LED’s were received as a gift, along with a 12v DC power supply, a colour changing solution was needed to control the strip. After some dabbling to figure out how the circuit on the strip was laid out, it was off to Jaycar electronics for bits and pieces… The strip itself is wired so the three colours (red, green and blue) share a common positive off the power supply, and the negative split across the three. The voltage that is applied to the negative controls how bright that particular LED will be, hence the colour mixing. And thus, a controller box was designed and built. The box consists of three toggle switches, which control each colour, or more specifically, the negative to each LED. As a result, colour mixing can be achieved by flicking combinations of various switches. The next thought was the practical application of the strips. During the testing phase, a strip of 8 LED’s had been stuck to the underside of an LCD monitor, thanks to the adhesive backing, to achieve a neon glow affect. This ended up being the final use, but with several meters of strip lighting the result was significantly more spectacular."