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December 29, 2008

DIY Net Gun

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This DIY Net Gun project must be a blast to play with (pun intended). Not sure if these are used by any modern law enforcement but I think I remember seeing some footage of a commercial version years ago and it did seem to be a good non lethal weapon. I can imagine having some automated units in the back yard that deploy when an intruder is detected. 🙂 Video after the jump.

"This net gun is capable of firing a 90 square foot net 15 to 25 feet using 80-100 psi of compressed air. The net is reusable, assuming your prey doesn’t destroy or run off with it. The launcher section is modular and can be removed in case you want to modify it or use a different design. The net gun is similar to many pneumatic launchers, but instead of launching a single projectile, it launches four tractors that pull the net through the air. The tractors are based on the fact that the neck of a standard soda bottle fits very well over the outside of 1/2" PVC pipe."

Thanks Chris.