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December 28, 2008

G-Dog Servo Robot Dog by G-Robots

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This tiny dog robot kit by G-Robots looks like it will be lots of fun. I can’t find a place in North America that sells it yet though. I have no idea how they got the servo motors to move so fast! Have a look at the first video that was shot by Robot Watch and notice how quickly the servos move to certain positions. The kits looks like it is easy to assemble (the last picture shows all the parts that come in the kit) and the software appears to be quite powerful.

"Nine small RS304MD servos (new command TTL/ PWM system) are used for the G-Dog. The G-Dog is a high performance and reasonably-priced four-leg robot coming with Processing Unit and Motion Editor. The G-Dog comes with 9 command-type robot servos and each servo has its own command ID. More servos can be added using a hub and no complex wiring is required. Command-type Control Servo contains a built-in CPU. Since servos receive commands for speed and directions for each movement and operate according to the commands, there is less load on Processer. Built-in Temperature Sensor turns off power when servo temperature becomes too high. Servo operation characteristics can be changed according to preferred speed and torque. All the servos are calibrated and have the same performance."



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7 Responses to “G-Dog Servo Robot Dog by G-Robots”

  1. kayne001 Says:

    Reminds me of Friender.

  2. G-Dog Servo Robot Puppy - SlashGear Says:

    […] Reading?+1 [1 votes] G-Robots has created a tiny robot dog kit that actually seems like it would be a lot of fun. The kit appears to be fairly easy to assemble […]

  3. Multiple Monitor Says:

    That one is actually cute. That’s not near as creepy as these Military robot dogs!

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Yea the Big Dog is an amazing machine.

  5. Honda Asimo Says:

    That is just amazing. What will they think of next.

  6. Marco antonio Says:

    This post has good and valuable information, Is nice to see some good articles like this one, thank you.

  7. 13 Robots That Are Man’s Best Friend | Manolith Says:

    […] Source […]

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