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December 26, 2008

Amazing CNC Robots at Work

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I am thinking about purchasing a CNC machine in the near future, I thought I would share some of the interesting complex CNC machine videos that I stumbled across. I find it truly amazing the precision of work that these machines can perform! The one I am thinking of getting is of course nothing like the ones in the videos…


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4 Responses to “Amazing CNC Robots at Work”

  1. 机器人雕塑家 Says:

    […] 本文译自Hackedgadgets我想在不久的将来采购一台CNC设备,我想我应该分享一些在我寻找我中意的设备的过程中碰巧遇到的一些感兴趣的综合CNC设备的录像给大家,我真的为这些机器所能执行的精确的工作感到吃惊! 机器人技术 […]

  2. Pouncer Says:

    Wow that’s really cool! Any idea if first sculpture was made from styrofoam? Just kinda looked like it with the way the cut material was flying off it.
    Make sure you post your first project on here once you get your CNC. I love watching CNC videos. (hint hint) lol

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    I think it is styrofoam, yes I plan on taking pictures and making some videos when I decide on which one I am going to get. I have been thinking about a model that needs to be assembled so there may be some construction pictures also.

  4. Jacques Chen’s Weblog» Blog 存档 » 机器人雕塑家 Says:

    […] 本文译自Hackedgadgets我想在不久的将来采购一台CNC设备,我想我应该分享一些在我寻找我中意的设备的过程中碰巧遇到的一些感兴趣的综合CNC设备的录像给大家,我真的为这些机器所能执行的精确的工作感到吃惊! […]

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