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December 20, 2008

How to Build a Huge Christmas Lighting Display

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If you are thinking about putting on a big light show this year and time and money are not a problem then you should have a look at the Holden Lighting Display! Other than the expensive controllers it does sound like the builder does have a knack for finding good after season deals on many of his light strands.

Behind the scene look at How to Build a Huge Christmas Lighting Display.

"For my arches I started with 1" PVC pipe that was 20′ long. I took an old "Tater Twister" appliance (you can find many on ebay) that I had sitting around and hooked it up to the PVC pipe so that it would turn around and I could easily put on Christmas lights. Click Here to see a close up of the attachment I made that hooks between the tater twister and PVC pipe. It is made by taking a piece of metal and bending it into a U shape and then making the same shape hole as the drive shaft on the tater twister. I am using 9 channels/sections for my arches and each section has 200 mini lights. I made my own extension cords using SPT2 wire and ran the cords parallel with the PVC pipe and allowed the Christmas lights to cover them. I started in the middle of the PVC pipe and worked my way towards the ends. I ended up with about 7 inches of bare PVC pipe on each end and cut off 4 inches on each side so the total length is now 19’4"."


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    Does anybody know the name of the song in the second video?

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