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December 18, 2008

Automatic Turn Signal Control

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This Automatic Turn Signal Control project by Dick Streefland could help add some cool new functionality to your car. Code is provided.

"The behavior of the software can be controlled by a push button and a LED on the dashboard. You can change the blink count, blink interval, maximum activation pulse width, and the behavior of the LED. These settings are stored in EEPROM. To inspect one of the settings, quickly press the button 1 to 4 times. The selected value will then be shown as a number of LED flashes. To change a setting, hold the button for longer than 0.5 seconds during the last press. In that case, the LED will turn on, and a new value may be set by quickly pressing the button the desired number of times."


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4 Responses to “Automatic Turn Signal Control”

  1. Pouncer Says:

    Nice to see someone bringing todays vehicle tech to vehicles of yester-year. Now if we could just get most people to USE their turn signals… I’m thinking a shock inducing controller when the vehicle senses a turn but no signal was used. :p

  2. BigD145 Says:

    I’d rather see an automatic ticket dispenser installed in all cars for people that don’t signal.

  3. ups Says:

    I can’t really understand what this is suppose to do. Is like turning the turn signal on and after a few seconds it turns automatically off?

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Yes, I think it is meant for changing lanes when you only need a few blinks to signal your intentions and not blinking for miles like I have seen many times… 🙂

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